Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 9, 2017 P-Day #54

What a week!! 
We were all over the place this week!! 

We were in Truro all day Monday.  Then Wednesday we left New Glasgow at 6:30 am to travel 4 hours to Cape Breton to go to our district meeting from 10:30-12:30 then we traveled another 4 hours back to New Glasgow where we were for a few more hours. Then Thursday morning at 6:30 we left again to go to New Brunswick for a leadership counsel. This is when all the leaders in the mission (stls, zone leaders and the Pratts) meet together to discus the needs of the mission and how we, as leaders can help the missionaries. We were there from 9-5 in counsels and training's and then we packed up and headed home and arrived just in time for bed (: Sooo busy busy few days! 

Inspite of all these things going on we were still able to meet with all our investigators.  We met with Patrick in Truro and that went well.  Then Bernie, who is SO cool!! He is just like a sponge! He absorbs everything we teach and asks so many good and genuine questions! I just love teaching him! 

We also were able to meet with Jason 3 times this week!! I love when we have investigators that are willing to meet more than once a week!! It helps them to progress so much more! We had some really spiritual lessons with him! He knows he doesn't know much about God, but he also knows that he really wants to.  So he is willing to act and do what he needs to to get the answers he is searching for! He related to the Joseph Smith story SO much! It was sooo cool!! When we read James 1:5 (If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.)
And he explained (perfectly) what that scripture meant and then he said, "this makes me think...if God would answer Joseph Smiths question, he would answer any question we have for him. 
It was like...WOW this kid gets it!! It was awesome!! I love teaching him! I can just seem him in a suit with a badge one day...(: He'll be a killer missionary! I know it! OH OH OH and he's on date for May 30th, that's coming up quick! He even picked the day himself!! 

On a sad note...Steve Aucoin is in the hospital, it happened yesterday so we spent the whole day with Jackie (that's what president asked us to do) And he is doing much better, but if you all would pray that he can continue to recover quickly I know that would help so much! 

I love love love you all!! Have the BEST week!!! 

-Sista Hird 

We went Canadian bowling!! Woo! The balls are tiny! Sorry America...Canada's bowling is better(;

Sister Kiser and Sister Hird "Bowling"

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 2, 2017 P-Day #53

What a rainy week here in Nova Scotia!

We met with Patrick down in Truro, Monday.  It went really well! He accepted living the law of tithing and he has now been to church two weeks in a row! He is progression to baptism, slowly but surely. I really like being able to go up to Truro once a week! We go every Monday and do all our skype calls, then we have lunch with Jackie then we go visit people, then a lesson with Patrick and then dinner and a lesson with Jackie and Steve (: Mondays are always fun! I love the Aucoins!! They are too good to us!!! 

We were able to meet with Jason and teach him the restoration and went so well! He is cool! He just listens so intently to what we say and takes it all in.  Sadly, Kesteal couldn't meet this week! She is really sick :( 

Saturday we went and stayed in Dartmouth with Sister Richardson and Sister Anderson (yes, my trainer) and it was a blast! They are the STLT's (sister training leader trainers) So, they are the STL's of the STL's (: I always love doing exchanges and learning skills from other sisters, especially when one of them is my mission mother (: 
Love you all!!! You are the bestest

-Sista Hird

We found this really cool red wall this obviously we had a mini photo shoot (; 

We tried to take a selfie and I forgot I had the camera all zoomed in...but I think the picture turned out pretty cool (: 

Sister Kiser and Sister Hird

April 25, 2017 P-Day #52

This week was SO good!!! 

Patrick, Kesteal and Jason all came to church!!! 

We met with all of them all this past week and it was really good!! After church Jason text us (and we didn't even text him first) and thanked us for inviting him to church and told us it felt good to be there! WIN!! We were so happy!! AND while he was at church he slyly mentioned, "yeah I'll probably be baptized" WHAT?! Is this real? It really is! We are so excited to work with him! 

We also got a new investigator this week named Bernie. He is SO cool! He is originally from Newfoundland (so that must be why he's so awesome) He is in his 60's and has such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he just really wants to do what God wants him to do. So he committed to being baptized on May 20th!! AND when he said the closing prayer he specifically asked to know that that date was right for him!! 

Sister Kiser and I are loving being together! We teach really really well together without even trying, its a dream (: 

I am loving it out here! I can't believe I only have 6 months left! Time flies when you're having fun 🐦
Love love love you!!! Have a magical week! 

-Sista Hird 

"four eyes, four eyes, you need glasses to see!!"