Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 11, 2017 P-Day #63

Happy Tuesday!!!

Life is oh so good here!! I am so so happy!!! 
I am soooo busy...which I have found only makes me happier!! I love to constantly be doing things!!

I LOVE Sister Fin (her nickname because no one can say her real name right haha) She is so cute! I took her to Costco today...I think it scared her! Her english is okay, she just gets nervous talking to people! They start learning it in school when they are 9, but of course they don't learn any religious words, so we have an extra hour of studies a day to work on her english (: 

Our investigators are doing really really well!! We got a new investigator named Donna last night!! She is a sweet older woman! She let us right in and we were able to teach the restoration!!
Aiden and Glena also came to church this week!! Woo woo!! 

We also had THE BEST lesson with Sarah (20 yr old gator) Grace (a recent convert that I taught a few times) skyped into the lesson (she now lives in Edmonton). In our last lesson with Sarah I had a strong feeling she needed Grace so we got permission and did a lesson via skype last night! It was SO spiritual!! Oh my soul, so amazing!! They both have such similar experiences and Grace was able to give Sarah perspective on things we can't because we don't know what is like to not grow up in the church! Its was really good! Grace said it was also exactly what she needed too! (: 

I am just having so much fun! Sister Fin and I get along SO well! I also am having so much fun with the Zone Leaders I am working with! We had a skype meeting yesterday (their area is about an hour away from me) to plan our zone conference tomorrow that we are training at.  During that skype we cried 3 times because we were laughing so hard...(: Its a party over here! 
Also Sister Fin taught me how to gut a fish this week...and I only gagged twice #winning 

Love love love you wonderful humans! 

-Sista Hird
Also! I don't think I told you my new address:

145 Walker Ave. Apt. 310
Lower Sackville, NS
B4C 0A3

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 5, 2017 P-Day #62


Transfers are in.....I am staying in Sackville, but the high school reunion was short lived! Sister Osborn is leaving me :( but she gets to go open an area!  I am going to be training now! But, it is kind of crazy! I am training, but that doesn't relieve me of my STL duties, I will just be doing both now (: They are doing a new thing...solo STLs and I am one and a trainer! So I will be training and then in addition I am over 7 other sisters because they added a new area of sisters to my zone and then did a trio in another area! Sooo this is going to be a busy transfer and I am sooo pumped!! 

My little greenie is from Finnland!! Oh my soul, I am so excited! Her name is Sister Silvennoinen (no I don't know how to say it yet either) I haven't met her yet. I get to pick her up at the office at 6:30am tomorrow (: (: I have heard that she doesn't know much English, and that this is the first time she has been in North America so it is complete culture shock for her! I am really really excited to be training again!! 

Okay, okay, now I will jump back to this past week! 
It was wonderful!! We got 5 new investigators since I've last e-mailed!! One of them was a mom and her two kids! Things are really starting to pick up here! 

We got to celebrate Canada Day on Monday because the weather was too bad on Saturday the members BBQ got postponed! We met this really amazing lady street contacting and invited her to come to the BBQ...AND SHE CAME!! AND she brought her 3 daughters, sister and her sister’s boyfriend! It was AMAZING! The ward made them feel so included!! The oldest daughter is even coming to young women’s with us tonight and they are all coming to church on Sunday! 
BUT the weather sure didn't stop us from marching in the Sackville parade! We walked 3k's in the pouring rain...it was a blast!! 

Heidi is doing SO WELL!! She is so elect! She is searching, reading and praying EVERYDAY! We had a super solid lesson with her this week about following the prophet and obedience! Every lesson we start with answering her questions from the week before’s commitment and her questions are always SO GOOD! She really absorbs and ponders everything!

Life is goooood here in Sackville!! 
I am so so happy ☀☀☀
I also heard that lots of you got to meet Jackie and Steve 💕 The best recent (except not so recent since they just got sealed this past week) converts in Truro!! It was so weird that Sunday I was in their ward, while they were in mine! Missions are such a blessing because of all the amazing people (like Jackie and Steve) that we get to meet and make a part of our lives! AHHH i just love my mission! If anyone out there reading this is wondering if they should serve..JUST DO IT! I promise it is the best choice you will ever make! 
Okay, rant over (: 

I love you all so so much! I hope that you have a magical week! Everyone watch a Disney movie in my honor this week 💝👑

-Sista Hird 

Only In Canada!

The GIANT dog I met knocking!

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June 27, 2017 P-Day #61

Hey hey fam!

This week has been good! The weeks are just flying by! I feel like I just emailed and now I am already doing it again, mission time is a funny thing!! 
We had a fun week! Of course...the life of an STL is always exciting and you never know what is going to happen!  We had the Bridgewater sisters up for p-day...and you remember those lovely car nanny's I told you about...well on their way up to Sackville they got so many driving violations they lost their driving privileges...leaving them with no way home except us! So they ended up working with us in Sackville for a few days then we went down to Bridgewater and worked with them! Then we had our zone conference in Bridgewater and got to have an ice cream party after and 2 free hours of sight seeing! It was a blast!!! We went to Peggy's Cove (: The most famous light house in Nova Scotia! 
For our training in zone conference we talked about how we teach people the Doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the holy ghost and enduring to the end)  But how sometimes we don't apply it to ourselves! So in order to overcome trials in life and reach our full potential we must be applying the D.of.C EVERYDAY!! 
It was really great!!
Our investigators are doing really well! We have a new one named Glena! I actually found her the night before I left Halifax! Her and her grandson were taught there and the grandson, Aiden, was baptized a month ago! They are now in Sackville and we get to work with them! So that is really exciting!! Glena just has somethings to work through before she can be baptized as well, but we'll get there!!
Sarah, our 20 year old investigator is doing really well too!! I just love her! She is seeking SO much and Heavenly Father is constantly giving her signs...and even cooler than that...SHE ACTUALLY SEES THEM!! Woooo!! 
Life is good!! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!
-Sista Hird

Peggy's Cove! I have this weird need to always take little mermaid pictures at the ocean if there are rocks...
it's a problem hahah especially when I almost fall off trying to do it as shown above 

The cutest little town, Lunenburg! I got to work there on exchanges with 
Bridgewater and I found this giant chair...I wanted to keep it (:

June 20, 2017 P-Day #60

What a week!! This week has been one of the busiest weeks ever...and I loved every minute of it!
Wednesday we had our district meeting which is always fun! 
Thursday: We went to New Brunswick for a leadership conference (: So so so fun! We get to see lots of missionaries from all over and that is always fun! Elder Leroy and Madsen brought this pink unicorn statue with them all the way from Newfoundland just to give to me because, "of all the sisters in the mission we knew you would appreciate it most" haha they know me well #blessed 
Friday: I got to go on an exchange with my dear mother, Sister Anderson and we got to spend the whole day together! I love that I have been able to be around her my whole mission! I just love her and learn so much every time we are together! 
Saturday (the BEST DAY EVER) 
Sooo there was this street hockey tournament in Halifax this weekend called "Play On" It is the biggest sporting event in Canada and the guy who started it is a Mormon! SO all us metro missionaries got to be volunteers at it the entire day Saturday! It was a blast!! I got to be with Sister Bair the whole day!! PARTY!! I just love her! We did registration, tracked down people who didn't do waivers (aka watch the games until the players showed up) and man the t-shirt stand! It was pouring rain the whole day...which only added to the fun! 
Fun fun fun times! I love it here! 
Then today Sister Osborn and I decided we needed care bear build a bears....we may have gone to high school together...but we are back in elementary school (: We even got some of the other sisters in on it too! #winning 
Ahhh we are both just goofballs...so it works! (: (: (: 

-Sister Hird