Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 20, 2017 P-Day #43

Helllloooo world!!!
This week has been great!!! We didn't have tons of lessons, because the snow kept us off the roads, but that okay because the lessons we did have were stellar!!! 
We had dinner with the the Morphy's on Friday! Then had a lesson after! It was nice to have dinner too, because we were able to just talk to them about "normal people" things haha! So Laureli and I basically freaked out twenty one pilots for an hour haha! They won a Grammy this past week and she was SO HAPPY! It was a blast! I just love them! Doing Personal Progress with them is going wonderful! They really really like it, and its helping them a lot! We do one value experience each lesson and then they do one in between our lessons(: They pick the value we do the next lesson, and last time they unknowingly decided they wanted virtue hahah soooo we had a lovely lesson on the law of chastity! FUN times! Sister Morphy was no good she was laughing so hard watching the girls squirm as we taught, it was a good time haha!! Then miracle occurred Sunday! So you know how much persuading we had to do to get them to church last time...well this week they were going to be out of town so we didn't really talk about coming to church much...then SURPRISE, Sunday morning guess who walks into the chapel..the WHOLE Morphy family!! It was a beautiful sight to see! It made me so happy because that shows the girls really are opening up and changing (: GOOD TIMES!!! 
Well, that's all for this week folks! 
Time sure seems to be flying....yeah...remember that time I hit my hump day...that was a month ago..today! For 10 months I have been Sister Hird 💛 Oy vey, it feels like yesterday I got my mission call, but that was over a year ago! CRAZINESS!!
Love love love you!! 
-Sista Hird  

Ps. The pic is Laureli and I! We found this super cool animation setting on my camera...so obviously we had to take a cool punk pic (; 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

February 14, 2017 P-Day #42 Happy Valentine's Day

Hey hey!! I feel like SO much has happened this week...that I can't remember a single thing...hahah mission probs! 

We met with Terry this week!! Her and her mom have come to church 2 weeks in a row!! Wooo! Terry might not know it yet...but she is so ready! She has read the whole Book of Mormon! She’s reading the whole bible now and the Book or Mormon again! She’s amazing basically (: 

Laur and Belle are doing good (: They are normal 12 and 13 year olds, so we have some awesome lessons...then some lessons where there is no participation at all...just depends on the day (: BUT, I still just love the heck outta them and have all the hope and faith in the world that they WILL be baptized one day! I'm just hoping that day is in the near future (: But, everyone has their time! And I know even if theirs isn’t now that in some small way we are helping them!

Miracle of the week...so I'm not sure if y'all know...but, our mode of transportation was a babely big red minivan, that was so loving named Clifford! BUT this week the wonderful senior couple in the office surprised us with a BRAND NEW B-E-A-utiful 2017 Rav4! They had us come into the office so they could "check out" our car and surprised us by letting us leave with the Rav..and not just a rav...but a Rav in our choice of color (: We are truly spoiled...or as my Papa and Lolo like to say, "she's not spoiled, she’s just loved" haha ahhh #blessed

The weather has been insane this week!! We had a HUGE storm! It started snowing at 7pm Sunday and didn't stop until early this morning!! Which kept us inside ALL day yesterday! Hence why I am e-mailing today (Tuesday) opposed to yesterday (: 
We got like 70cm (Canadians are weird and measure snow in cm, I think its to make them feel like they got more than they did...who knows with them hahah gotta love 'em) 
But really..it was A LOT of snow!! This morning we spent like 3 hours helping our bishop’s wife shovel out her driveway and stuff! Bishop left to go out of town right before the storm hit! 
I've been bundled up, inside for the past few days and if what everyone is saying is true, we will continue to be for the next few weeks! We are supposed to get another storm Wednesday, Saturday and then all next week! 
So fun fun fun times in the maritime (: 
LOVE LOVE LOVE you all!! Have a good week! 

Also big shout out to my baby bro for turning 16 this week!!! (ladies who are my friends, I know he is a babe...and now dateable...but he's still too young for you...(: ) 

-Sista Hird 


Just a little snow storm that shut down the City (70cm of snow)

Monday, February 6, 2017

February 6, 2017 P-Day #41

Hey hey!!! What a good week!!
So I completely forgot last week...We got a new schedule!!! I have officially been living it one whole week and it is truly wondrous!!!
Our Schedule before:
6:30 - arise, pray, and exercise (30 min)
7:00 - Get ready for the day, eat breakfast
8:00 - personal study
9:00 - comp study
10:00 - out the door
*rest of the day regular missionary stuff*
9:00pm - return home and plan for the following day (30 min)
9:30pm - prepare for bed
10:30pm - lights out, go to bed

NEW schedule:
Still up by 6:30.
6:30-10:00 - no more strict schedule! We just have to:
-exercise for 30 min -Study personally for an hour -get ready for the day -plan for the day for 30 min
The order is completely up to us! Then we can just pick a time during the day we feel is an "dead time" work wise and do our companionship study
Then we are in by 9pm, but we plan in the morning now so we can just get ready and go to bed early!!
10:00pm - lights out
I LOVE the new schedule!! Its great!!! Its cool to be able to choose when to do something! I feel like a productive member of society! They did this because they were finding that missionaries weren't learning how to effectively plan their time because it was just being planned for them.
We met with lots of people this week! Its been great!
We got a new investigator! Dorothy! She is super sweet! She is friends with a YSA member! She is from China and here for school! She just kept saying "wow! I am so interested in this" the whole time we taught! I was saying to myself, " this isn't real!" the whole time haha talk about elect!!
Terry also came to church yesterday!! She is a less active (older woman with health issues that make coming to church hard) daughter! She and her mom came! Bev, her mom, said, "Terry dragged me out of bed this morning so we could come!" Terry is great!! She is really committed to learning more and progressing! The last lesson we had with her we committed her to read and to pray about being baptized! So we are excited to see how that went!

Good good week!!!
I can't think of anything else that happened this week.....oh wait...I am a blonde now!! Haha and I thought I could make it my whole mission without dying my hair...oh LOL! I hit 9 months and that little voice in my head was saying, "treat yo self" so I did haha!
I'll send better pics of it next week!!
-Sista Hird


New Blonde Hair (she just can’t help herself!)

Baby Wilder and the blanket from Sister Hird’s family :)
This is Magen (one of Sister Hird’s converts) baby!!