Friday, November 18, 2016

November 14, 2016 P-Day #29

BEST WEEK EVER!! (like every week...but still)
I'm just going to go straight to the highlight:
Magen was Baptized!! WOW!! Talk about perfect baptism!! I don't think it could have gone better! It was seriously perfect!! Sister Dutson and I just cried through the whole thing! Magens nonmember mom, grandma and sister cam to support her and they cried through it all as well! The spirit was tangible in that room! Two guys in the ward did an acoustic "When I am baptized" right before we went to the font for the baptism and it was just so perfect and beautiful! The dunk went great, even with her being 8 months pregnant.  Then when she came up out of the water she just made the cutest noise ever.  It was like a laugh/cry, like she couldn't believe she finally was baptized. That's when the water works started, haha Sister Dutson and I went into the hall and just cried happy tears for a minute!
Then following the baptism, Hugh, her boyfriend and father of the baby spoke about Magens example to him and how he is so excited to take this path with her. He is member and is ready to be fully active in the church with her and do what he needs to so they can be a family(:  I can see them in the temple one day. making their family eternal!! They see it too, which is so great! Magen completely understand that baptism is just the beginning.  I am so excited and blessed to get to be apart of that and see  their journey unfold.
Missions are wonderful! Moments like Magens baptism just fill you right up to the top with real lasting joy.  This is what a mission is all about. I have such a testimony of the joy that Alma preaches about missionary work bringing.
It's not always easy, but it is ALWAYS worth it.
I love it here in Halifax! Being over the family ward and ysa is SO much fun!!
The members here really understand their role as member missionaries and it makes finding people to teach so easy! They make this work progress!
Sister Dutson and I are seriously always laughing...and remember how I said we are pretty similar...I don't think its been quiet once since we met! haha its the BEST!! It's not even like having a companion, its like being a missionary with my best friend! 
We said goodbye to sister Champoux this week! She is headed to Arizona! So I'm not feeling too bad for her (; I'm glad we got to be comps with her for the short time we did! Shes great!! She'll do wonderful things there!
To top this week off...remember 14 year old investigator back in St.Johns??
Well, Aelia is now a member of the church as well!!! She just got baptized!! I even got to skype her this week and talk to her about it!!!
Life is oh so good!
Love love love you all!! Have a wonderful week full of smiles and sunshine (:
xoxo Sista Hird

ps. if you're reading this and contemplating if you should serve a mission...DO IT!! It will be the hardest thing you ever do, but it will also be the best.  I am learning and feeling so many things I wouldn't be able to any other way! 
Sister Hird, Magen, and Sister Dutson

Sister Hird, Sister Champoux and Sister Dutson

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