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July 11, 2016 P-Day #11

July 11, 2016  P-Day #11
This week flew by! I'm pretty sure I say that every week...but I've already been out in the field two months already! I think when you're this busy time just is gone so fast! 
This week was a blast! After I e-mailed last week we went up to Twillingate! It's beautiful! There was a mermaid statue I got to take a picture with so thats pretty cool too(: 
Sister Hird and Sister Anderson

Mermaid McKell




This week was a little disappointing with investigators, because we weren't able to meet with any of them! BUT it's all good! This week will be better(:
We were able to meet with a less active this week and get her and her 4 adorable kids to church with us this week! One of the four kids is old enough to be baptized and has read the WHOLE Book of Mormon and wants to be baptized! So we have our first lesson with him tonight for fhe! I'm super excited about him! I mean how many 10 year olds do you know that have read the Book of Mormon on their own out of sheer desire?? ...Exactly! 

We did a lot of finding this week and were able to meet a lot of very fun people, which always makes the week great! We talked with this super amazing guy, who works at a shop downtown that promotes mental health awareness! So we shared the "Like a broken vessel" Mormon message by Holland that just came out! (If you haven't watched it yet...DO IT!!! It's amazing! I cried so hard while watching it!) He watched it then text us the to tell us how amazing it was, so we went back to talk him some more and he told us he liked it so much he started to research the church on of course I'm thinking to myself, "oh great, lay the anti on me" And he goes, " Yeah so I found this mormon movie and it was sooo cool" after telling us more about the movie we realized he had watched the entire meet the mormons! We were sooo excited! We passed him over to the elders, since he is a male of certain age.  So they are teaching him now(: He told them a Jehovah's witness came into the store and asked if he would want to study with him and he said, "please I'm already halfway to being mormon!!" Soo we are super excited about that! 

Funny story of the week:
While walking downtown I saw something on the ground as we approached I realized it was in fact a dead naturally I posed as a Princess and pretended he was just sleeping haha my comp was dying taking the picture for me..because who does that? Obviously me (: 
Princess McKell and her sleeping squirrel

So Sweet

I love love love you all!! I hope you have a magical week and smile all day every day because that's what I'm out here doing (: 

- Sista Hird 

Here we are up at middle cove this morning(:

Sister Anderson and I celebrating the 4th of July with the fun swag Granny B. sent us! 

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  1. You are the bestest!!!!!! I love you so much. I'm so happy that you can serve our brothers and sisters in Canada. I love how fun, energetic, optimistic, and overall AWESOME you are. Keep going, keep working hard, keep praying, keep fasting, keep serving, KEEP LOVING! We need more love in this world and you my dearest friend are filled with it.

    I love you!