Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 25, 2016 P-Day #13

Hello my loves!!
This week has been great! We have had a lot going on, so I feel like it went by so fast! I am on week 5/6 of this transfer,which means I am almost done training! Which is so weird! I have learned so much, but I also still feel like a fresh missionary!
This week we got a new investigator! He is absolutely hilarious!! He accepted a baptismal date in our first lesson and I am so excited about that!! The date is a ways back because we have a lot of thing to work through with him before he can be baptized, but it's happening!
We also were able to teach our 10 year old investigator this week! He (and his mom) accepted a baptismal date as well! It's really amazing to be able to teach someone young.  It forces us to teach very simply and come up with creative ways to teach things through activities! It's allowing me to use some of the skills I learned teaching preschool!
This week we had a mission wide skype call for a training! That seemed fun to me, until President Pratt let us know that Sister Anderson and I would be training! I may have freaked out a little! My thoughts were as follows, "Me?!? Give a training to the whole mission?? I am not even done with my training, and they want me to train??" Haha so I was stressing! But with Sister Andersons reassurance that we were training for a reason and  a lot of prep we did it! It went good and I'm honestly just glad it's behind me!
This morning to start off our P-day on the right foot we headed downtown (cruising through the alley) to a restaurant called The Duke of Duckworth! It was to die for!! HOLY!! We had the fish and chips (The cod was literally probably caught that morning) They also put gravy and savory on the Canadians know what's up, well at least the Atlantic Canadians(;
Funny story for the week:
This more a funny theme for the week, old men hitting on me!
Wow I seriously don't what it is about me, but I attract all the funny old guys! I've been forced into two hugs and almost been kissed this week! Luckily only one wanted me to marry him haha!! Ahhh Newfies and too funny, and sometimes a little too friendly (; But don't worry, nothing too worrisome!
Well I hope you all have an amazing week! I am so thankful for all the love and support coming my way!! Keep smiling and praying my friends, it's the key to a happy life(:
Love you all!

-Sista Hird 

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