Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016 P-Day #12

Just another week in Paradise! (funny cause one of the cities we are over is called Paradise) 
This week has been great!! The 10 year old boy I talked about last week is now officially and investigator! We were able to meet with him twice this week and he has such a strong desire to learn! It's amazing! I am so excited to see the way the gospel can bless him and the whole family!!
We taught them how to do a family prayer the way my cute family does it, (We all sit in a circle holding hands and one person starts it and says all they want to and then they squeeze the next person's hand and they add to it.  It goes all the way around the circle with everyone getting the chance to add to the prayer then the last person ends the prayer) and they loved it and are now praying as a family every night! It was such a spiritual experience and it also reminded me so much of home, so I was super happy!
I mentioned awhile back that we have another set of sisters as roommates so I thought I'd tell you a little about them!
Sister Bailey is the 1st, she is from Utah too (woooo Ute pride) and she was also born in North Carolina because her dad was in the army! So that's crazy!! She has been out almost a year!
Sister Cahoon is from Alberta and is actually not  called to this mission, she was called to Arizona but is waiting on her visa, so we get her until that happens (:
I love them both sooo much!! It really is sooo fun having them with us!
This week's funny thing is that being roommates just wasn't enough for us! Soo obviously we decided that life would just be so much more fun if all four of us we're sleeping together.  So we have four mattresses on the ground in our kitchen that pretty much take up the whole apartment...totally worth it! It's like a giant sleepover every night!
Sorry I'm lame this week and my post is a little short and I don't have pictures because I left my camera at week I'll be better, I promise(:
I love you all so much! Thank you for the love and support! As you read this just imagine I'm giving you a big huge squeeze through the screen because I am (:

-Sista Hird

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