Friday, September 16, 2016

September 13, 2016 P-Day #20

Hello hello!!
This week has been wonderful!! So calm compared to last week! We have been meeting with lots of people and the work is progressing so much!
We had our district conference (equivalent of stake conf.) this week as well! So President Pratt was here! Boy I just love him!! He is so amazing and always gives such amazing guidance!! He pretty much told me I am staying here in Newfoundland another transfer!! But I won't know for sure until they post the transfer table tonight! I'll be happy either way!  I love it here so another transfer sounds wonderful to me!!
We are working with a few new investigators and one of them, Rachel, came with us to the branch pot luck we had after District meeting Saturday! So that was really fun and exciting! We had a great lesson with her this week with a member! Member are just so awesome at lessons! We asked Rachel if she would read the Book of Mormon and she said, "Yes I will try to" and the member goes,"'ll TRY?? Thats just not good enough!! Do you have to TRY to read the bible?? Nope! Didn't think so, you just DO it! So what are you going to do with the Book of Mormom??" and shocked Rachel goes, "I WILL read the Book of Mormon"
It was awesome, funny, but awesome! It really showed her how important it is for her to really read it! Because we've told her, but coming from someone who is not a missionary makes it so different!!
Soo if the missionaries ask you to go to a lesson with them, DO IT!!! They will love you forever!!
We saw a moose this week driving to Gander for exchanges!
Yes, Canada is actually every stereotypical thing you think about it(;
love love love you all!!
Sista Hird

Ps… Sister Lofgran and I are staying!!! Woooo!!
Nathan's Baptism package from Sister Hird's Family :)

Yep...She's still McKell

Canadian Cliche...A Moose

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