Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 5, 2016 P-Day #19

Well...NATHAN WAS BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!! What!?!?! I can't even believe it!! I started teaching him and I was able to be here and see his and his families lives change! It was amazing!! I felt like I was in blur the whole day! I couldn't help thinking, "no way! This isn't real" all day because I was just so happy and amazed!! The baptism was great! Sweet and simple! His mom Natasha has very bad anxiety, so she wrote a note to him to be read by someone else so she didn't have to get up in front of everyone.  The note was read and it was great! Then while our Branch President was giving his closing remarks, she stood up and asked if she could say a few words!!! It was AMAZING!! She was crying and had us all in tears as well!! She bore a powerful testimony of the gospel and about how Nathan and his desire to come closer to God is what brought her and the whole family back to church! I was crying the whole time basically!
It has been truly a blessing to work with their family and see the change the gospel has made! The gospel changes lives!
Being here through all of this has really strengthened my testimony of this church and of missionary service.  I KNOW why I am here and that I made the right choice by choosing to serve my Heavenly Father and I am so glad that he gave me the opportunity to be here doing that!
This week is week 5/6 in this transfer!! I know I say it all the time but seriously time goes by so fast!! I will hit my 5 month mark this month!! I feel like I just found out that I was staying in Newfoundland and now it's time to wonder if I'll stay again already!!
I love Newfoundland sooo much! I know I have more people out in the mission I need to meet and serve...but I like the ones here haha!! The Newfies will always have my heart!! It'll be exciting to see what's happening next week with transfers! So I'll let you know Tuesday of next week whats going on(; 
I love you all soo much!! Thank you for the love and support!! I pray for you all every day!!

Sista Hird       
Nathan, Sister Hird, Sister Lofgren & Nyaysha

Nathan, Sister Hird, Baby Favour, Natasha, Sister Lofgren & Zion

Sister Hird, Zion, Natasha, Nathan & Baby Favour

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  1. Every letter I read from you reminds me of what happens with a missionary decides to become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Your enthusiasm is so inviting and contagious. Your love for the newfies will NEVER leave you the rest of your entire life. Lucky you, Lucky them. Taylor Hartman