Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016 P-Day #18

Hello hello!!!
This week has been busy busy busy and this coming week is only about to get busier because...NATHANS BAPTISM IS THIS SUNDAY!!! What?!?! I feel like I just met him and his family and now somehow all the lessons have been taught and he is ready to be baptized!!
The time really does fly! This is the beginning of week 4/6 of this transfer!
This week we met with Nathan a lot! We see them most days, for lessons, branch activities or just to check in! They truly are doing sooo great! Yesterday was Nathans 7th time in a row attending church.  He really is so ready for his baptism! For a ten year old he has such a strong spiritual awareness that is just amazing! He is always striving to do what is right and be the best he can!
This week we also picked up two new investigators! We found both them from looking through the records of former investigators and then going and stopping by!
1st Cecilla! She is an older lady who is currently a 7 day Adventist.  She has a strong love for the bible and has the desire to grow closer to God in any way she can! We taught her the beginning of the resto and invited her church...and she said yes...then she actually came!! WHAT! haha sorry! That just doesn't always happen so we were soooo excited that it did!
2nd: Rachel! She is in her mid twenties and a strong Anglican.  She is sooo sweet! We actually went over for a lesson, walked in and there were 3 of her friends there that she had told them about us and they wanted to be there for our lesson too! So that was super sweeeet! We were able to teach them all the beginning of the plan of salvation and more about their purpose here on earth and in life!  It was a great lesson! They are all soo fun and loved to be involved and talk about everything we were teaching(: We are going to meet with them all again this week!
This week we have also found another less active to work with! Her name is Janie and she is and elderly lady and completely just beyond sweet! We stopped by and introduced ourselves and she goes, "Ohhh more missionaries! Well come on in!!" We talked with her for about an hour and spent time getting to know her and sharing our testimonies of the church! She showed us a giant scrapbook she has of every single thing a missionary has ever given her! Pictures, every little card and even cards with just numbers or, appointment cards. She really does just love the missionaries soo  much! We are going back to meet with her again tomorrow and I am super excited to spend time with her and have the opportunity to work with her!
This week I have really been thinking about how lucky I am to be here. Right now.  At this exact time.  I am in St. Johns Newfoundland.  I am a missionary.  And while that is not always an easy thing, it is ALWAYS worth it.  I love these people so much! I cannot imagine life without them!  I am so happy to be here serving, learning and growing! I am a firm believer that a mission is not only for others, but also for the missionary.  I have grown in so many ways in just the short time I've been out and I know that there is sooo much more growth and learning yet to come! A mission provides experiences that can happen in no other circumstance and I am so glad that I am here experincing them(:
 I love you all so so so so much!! Have a wonderful week and smile all day everyday(:

Sista Hird

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