Friday, March 3, 2017

March 1, 2017 P-Day #44 TRANSFERRED!!


Transfers are in! I am going to be going to Truro!! And Sister Goodsell will be staying here in Halifax! Truro is still in Nova Scotia and only a few hours away! I will be an STL (sister traning leader) which is the female equivalent of a zone leader. My companions will be Sister Kilmer and Sister Buchanan! I know and love them both already! We served around each other in Newfoundland! Sister B. is leaving to go home in three weeks ( she extended her mission by 3 weeks)! So I am killing (mission wise haha ahh mission lingo) another companion (: I also hear there is a baptism Mach 8th there! Sooo good things are happening people! I am really excited!! 

PLUS the best part?? The morphy girls are on date to be baptized this month!!! WHAAAA!! Woo woo!! AND they go to Truro a couple times a months and attend the branch there..SO I will still get to see them lots!!! Hey now hey nooow this is what dreeeams are made of!! 
SO life is gooood! I am really really happy!! A little nervous to be an STL...but God doesn't call the qualified...he qualifies the called, right?(: ...or at least I keep telling myself that haha 
For those of you like me before I got out here who have no clue what and Stl is or does I'll fill you in:
-oversee the progress of all the sisters they are over (we are over 6 sisters) we hold exchanges with them and see how they are doing in all aspects and then find ways to help them 
-Give trainings to all the missionaries in our zones (eeek) 
-Participate in the MLC (mission leadership counsel) 
-attend and hold many meetings to help the missions under our stewardship 
-report to President Pratt on the well being of the mission and missionaries
So wooooo! Scared and excited!!!
Time is just flying! I can't believe I am already leaving Hali! 4 1/2 months here flew by! I also can't believe I turn 20 in 20 days! Its my birth month! WHAAAA when in the heck did I get so old! Imma need cane here soon! 

I love love love you all!!! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers! 

-Sista Hird 

Ps. My mission mantra is "if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely" -Roald Dahl 
I am constantly saying this to myself and I just love it so I thought I would share! 

I got a costco card this week! Thanks Papa and Lolo! 

 Mickey mouse meal provided by a wonderful member! They know me SO well (: 

 My doll and I haha the little girl, Abby is seriously obsessed! she only calls me "princess" and I won't lie...I love it haha

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