Sunday, March 19, 2017

March 13, 2017 P-Day #46

Hello beautiful people!!! 

This week has been a different one! We had a zone conference and leadership conference with a member of the quorum of the seventy!!! It was GREAT!!!!!! We learned a lot!! I feel like we learned soo many wonderful things to implement in the mission to be better!

Poor Sister Kilmer got a call that her mom is in the hospital with severe brain bleeding. So that has been really hard for her.  They thought she was in a lot worse shape at first but after much fasting and prayer the bleeding has stopped and now they are just trying to figure out where the bleeding came from in the first place. She has had no memory loss or other side effects they thought she would.  Sister Kilmer had permission from president to talk to them every night on the phone for the next few days so they can keep her updated on the progress (: Its really looking good, but please keep Sister Kilmer and her mom in your prayers!!!! 

This week a wonderful member took us to a place called, "Sugar Moon" its a maple syrup farm, I know, I know I am literally SO Canadian! I can feel the maple syrup pulsing through my veins! I have finally figured out the reason Canadians are so happy...REAL maple syrup! Aunt jamima ain't got nothing on my people up here!!! Sooo gooooood! Soo that is why you are going to be getting sooo many pictures of us at this place...its heaven! We had so so so much fun! Maple cocoa, maple whip cream, maple bacon, maple pancakes, and of course two maple wasted sisters (: 

Love love love you!!! 

-Sista Hird 

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