Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 6, 2017 P-Day #45

Hey hey greetings from Truro!!! 
1st things first I LOVE my companion Sister Kilmer...like wow! To illustrate this love I am going to provide a list of all the things we have in common:
- Disney obsession 
- Love of pink
- Love of Sparkles
- Frozen obsession....we both have frozen comforters 
- Graduated the same year 
- From Utah
- Both have the same unicorn onsie
Talk about match made in Heaven...literally
This week was fab! Sad to leave Halifax, but I am so close it’s really not too bad!! Truro is only about a 45 min. drive from Hali! Truro is really really small town! I feel like I am back with the Newfies (: It’s a great place! I am in a branch again! With about 50 people who regularly attend. There is a walmart and that’s about it haha 

Wednesday, my last day in Halifax was really fun! We saw the Morphy's who weren't sad at all because I'll still see them (score!!) and went and got ice cream with my YSA homies!! (: 
Then off to Truro!

Now, you're probably wondering what the heck I thought she was in a trio..well I was...then Sister Buchanan felt very strongly that the reason she extended her mission 10 days was to be in St. Stephan where she was before! Sooo we were in a trio for 22 hours...then there were two!

My first official business as an STL was saving the Assistants who ran out of gas on the side of the highway while transporting missionaries to their new areas...oh Elders...they are just lovely hahah! But don't worry we made them take a picture to document the moment (: 

This week has mostly been getting settled in and figuring out this stl thing! It’s been a ball! 
We have a zone conference this week with Elder Muers of the quorum of the seventy! So that will be exciting! He is coming to tour the mission and then he will train us on whatever he feels the Canada Halifax Mission needs (:

Okay...funny embarrassing story of the week..back ground first, there are deer everywhere here, so we are always stopping to let them cross the road. Then, the first night I was here it was almost 9 so we were driving home and something darted across the street and I yelled, "WOAH!! That is a freakin SMALL deer!!!!" to which Sister Kilmer replied, "Sister Hird...that was a cat..." Ahhhhh missions...they do things to a person....(: 

Well I just love you all!! I Hope you have the bestest week ever!! 
If you are bored feel free to hit me up some letters, we do lots of letter writing in Truro on P-day because there isn't much to do haha! 492 Young Street building E apartment 8 b2n 0a5  
Don't hit any small deer while driving on the road this week! (: (: 

-Sista Bird 🐦(thanks to the assistants that is now what everyone calls me) xoxo
The last Halifax district picture before transfers...the elders told me I couldn’t handle eating plain hot sauce...as you can tell from the picture they were in fact correct...(:

 Ice cream with Sarah and Jess my YSA besties (:

Me, Sister Buchana and Sister Kilmer – New Area and New Comp on the right

That tiny little blurb on the side of the sign is me..if you couldn't tell

The Elders are just lucky we didn't leave them on the side of the highway (:

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