Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June 20, 2017 P-Day #60

What a week!! This week has been one of the busiest weeks ever...and I loved every minute of it!
Wednesday we had our district meeting which is always fun! 
Thursday: We went to New Brunswick for a leadership conference (: So so so fun! We get to see lots of missionaries from all over and that is always fun! Elder Leroy and Madsen brought this pink unicorn statue with them all the way from Newfoundland just to give to me because, "of all the sisters in the mission we knew you would appreciate it most" haha they know me well #blessed 
Friday: I got to go on an exchange with my dear mother, Sister Anderson and we got to spend the whole day together! I love that I have been able to be around her my whole mission! I just love her and learn so much every time we are together! 
Saturday (the BEST DAY EVER) 
Sooo there was this street hockey tournament in Halifax this weekend called "Play On" It is the biggest sporting event in Canada and the guy who started it is a Mormon! SO all us metro missionaries got to be volunteers at it the entire day Saturday! It was a blast!! I got to be with Sister Bair the whole day!! PARTY!! I just love her! We did registration, tracked down people who didn't do waivers (aka watch the games until the players showed up) and man the t-shirt stand! It was pouring rain the whole day...which only added to the fun! 
Fun fun fun times! I love it here! 
Then today Sister Osborn and I decided we needed care bear build a bears....we may have gone to high school together...but we are back in elementary school (: We even got some of the other sisters in on it too! #winning 
Ahhh we are both just goofballs...so it works! (: (: (: 

-Sister Hird 

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