Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 11, 2017 P-Day #63

Happy Tuesday!!!

Life is oh so good here!! I am so so happy!!! 
I am soooo busy...which I have found only makes me happier!! I love to constantly be doing things!!

I LOVE Sister Fin (her nickname because no one can say her real name right haha) She is so cute! I took her to Costco today...I think it scared her! Her english is okay, she just gets nervous talking to people! They start learning it in school when they are 9, but of course they don't learn any religious words, so we have an extra hour of studies a day to work on her english (: 

Our investigators are doing really really well!! We got a new investigator named Donna last night!! She is a sweet older woman! She let us right in and we were able to teach the restoration!!
Aiden and Glena also came to church this week!! Woo woo!! 

We also had THE BEST lesson with Sarah (20 yr old gator) Grace (a recent convert that I taught a few times) skyped into the lesson (she now lives in Edmonton). In our last lesson with Sarah I had a strong feeling she needed Grace so we got permission and did a lesson via skype last night! It was SO spiritual!! Oh my soul, so amazing!! They both have such similar experiences and Grace was able to give Sarah perspective on things we can't because we don't know what is like to not grow up in the church! Its was really good! Grace said it was also exactly what she needed too! (: 

I am just having so much fun! Sister Fin and I get along SO well! I also am having so much fun with the Zone Leaders I am working with! We had a skype meeting yesterday (their area is about an hour away from me) to plan our zone conference tomorrow that we are training at.  During that skype we cried 3 times because we were laughing so hard...(: Its a party over here! 
Also Sister Fin taught me how to gut a fish this week...and I only gagged twice #winning 

Love love love you wonderful humans! 

-Sista Hird
Also! I don't think I told you my new address:

145 Walker Ave. Apt. 310
Lower Sackville, NS
B4C 0A3

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