Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016 P-Day #9

June 27, 2016
This week went by crazy fast!!! Transfers are over and Sister Anderson and I are still together!!! Wooooo I only cried twice in fear they would take her from me haha!! I'm pretty sure she worries about the amount of crying I do! I don't know what happened to me...but I've turned into Angie! I weep at everything! Like this week, I cried while a lady told us about a cartoon she watched about a boy who had a missing leg getting a puppy with a missing leg...haha but don't worry they are good tears! With transfers came two new sisters!  We now have roommates! It's pretty fun!! Like a sleepover all the time! 

One of the highlights from this week was, while park contacting at Bowring Park we saw a lady sitting on a bench so we went over to say hi.  She was really friendly and the conversation just flowed naturally! She started to talk about how she knew her ancestors who had passed away long before she met them, are walking with her everyday and that she knows that one day she will be able to wrap her arms around them in heaven.  It was amazing! So we taught her the plan of salvation! Then, thanks to my dear Grandma Buehner who sent me a photo album this week with a picture of my Nene wearing the necklace of hers that I now wear, next to a picture of me wearing it. I was able to show her a picture of my Great Grandma Nene.  Who I know is with me every step of the way while I am out here serving.  The woman we taught was going crazy over how crazy similar she thought Nene and I looked! It was a really cool experience and her and I really connected!! 

We taught our 14 year old investigator about repentance this week and it went great!! It was amazing to see her simple, yet perfect understanding of true repentance. After we explained it she went, "Oh so to repent you tell Heavenly Father what you're sorry you did, in prayer? I already do that everyday...cause no ones perfect!" I was amazed!! She's never been taught repentance before but she was already doing because she just felt like she needed too long before we came along!! She is truly prepared! I am so excited for her to baptised and feel the blessing of that!!!

We've been working with Christine, the member I told you about and let me just tell you..I LOVE HER!!! She's hilarious and great!! She's been baptised a year, and her testimony is beyond amazing!! She's working towards the temple! So we love working with her and helping her see that the temple isn't just more rules to following, but all about blessings! 

Funny story of the week: 
So I've had a rash on my neck since about the 2nd week in the MTC.  It wasn't too bad then, but it just keeps getting worse and worse!  It got to the point this past week I knew I had to do something about it! So naturally I just asked all the moms in our branch their opinion of it! I got many different answers and one woman said it looked like chicken of course I went with that (dramatic? Me? haha always) I decided that that is TOTALLY what it was.  So I was scratching like crazy and it was itchy and I was dying! Then when we went to Christines house I felt like I should ask her about it, even though I knew I had chicken pox.  So she checked it out and then said, "Do you have a lot of dairy?" and it hit me! I am sooo dumb! I've had lactose problems in the past! Of course that's what it is!! That was 3 days ago and I've cut out dairy completely since and the rash is almost gone! The itching also stopped...about 2 minutes after Christine spoke haha funny what your mind will do when you convince yourself you have something, right?! Sister Anderson thought this was hilarious because I was being all dramatic and scratching like a crazy person for two days,convinced I had chicken pox!

Well I hope you all have a great week and enjoy life!!
Because life really is whatever you make it, so choose to make it amazing!

Sister Hird
Canada Halifax Mission

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