Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016 P-Day #6

June 6, 2016
Hello hello you beautiful people! Wow I miss all your faces sooo much! BUT it's okay because I am a representative of Jesus Christ every day and that makes life oh so good!! I cannot believe that I am going into week 4 here out in the mission field! This Friday will be my official one month out here in the mission field!! So on Friday I will have 1 month down and 17 to go! (my mtc time doesn't count towards my 18 months) I cannot believe it!! That means I haven't seen all of you all in almost 2 months! It's craziness!
This week has been good!! We were able to meet with 5 less actives this week! I LOVE meeting with less actives! I feel it is just as important as teaching investigators. Because these are people who took the name of Jesus Christ upon themselves and are now not living up to that covenant they made at baptism. Helping these people come back to the truth they once knew is super amazing! The lessons are also such a great learning experience for me because I really have to know my stuff, because they know their stuff! On top of that I am learning through them and the things they have been through in life.
One less active I met with named Lori, is one of those people who I learn so much from every time we meet. This week in our lesson we had made a lesson plan and then once we started to talk to her the conversation went a different way and instead of the lesson we had planned we were able to teach her about forgiveness, which is one of those things that is holding her back from church. She started telling us how we just couldn't understand having someone hurt your family so bad that forgiveness seemed impossible, so we couldn't just tell her that the atonement could help that because we haven't experienced that. Then because of the things that I have experienced recently, I was able to help her understand that I know what that feels like. And teach her that the atonement is the key to forgiving those people that you feel don't even deserve forgiveness. I was able to bare my testimony that the atonement is only way to overcome those things. The atonement is not only for the sinner, but the atonement of Jesus Christ is just as much for the people who were hurt by the sin. Jesus Christ not only suffered for our sins, but he suffered for our pains, afflictions, and hardships. He felt EVERYTHING we have felt and will feel. He did this because He loves us soooo much! Because He did this, He needs to be the one we rely on through our times of struggle. He perfectly knows what we are feeling and how we can heal from those feelings of pain. So turn to your Savior, Jesus Christ because there is NOTHING he cannot heal us from.
We were able to teach the Drdr family again this week. I love them so much!! Wow!! Every time I am with them I can picture them all in all white jumpsuits about to be baptized. I can see them going to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity!! I know that one day they can and will get there. Even if it's not now while I am teaching them. Of course that is what I want!! But I know that this family is elite and they will one day be able to make those covenants with their Heavenly Father and be a family forever!!! But I wouldn't mind if it was sooner than later haha so if you want to include them in your prayers I would love that(: They need lots of prayers so they can understand and we can teach them as effectively as possible!
Here I am at Bowring Park, one of my most favorite places in the world!! It's beautiful and I love walking around it finding people to hear the message! People are always so happy at the park because it truly is just a place you feel good because it's so pretty and peaceful! It reminds me of walking around London, so of course I LOVE it!!

Here are some more pictures of this beautiful place I get to be in all day every day! 
Sister Hird

Canada Halifax Mission

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