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June 13, 2016 P-Day #7

June 13, 2016
This week has been so great and full of soo many miracles!! So I'll apologize now for jumping all over the place hahah!!
First things first, I hit my one month mark!! In exactly one week I'll hit my two months from the time I went into the MTC, which has just come so crazy fast!!! I can't believe it!!
So this week started with a little stress...It all started with Elder McNabb, an elder in my district saying to me and and Sister Anderson, "do you love God?" we responded "yes" of course and then he asked us two more times if we loved God, then followed it up with, "Well if you love God you'll sing at district conference this Sunday" ha ha rude!! There is this weird thing about being a sister missionary where everyone just assumes you can sing...but this sister just cannot! Lucky for me Sister Anderson is an amazing singer! So with lots of promise of practice and that I would be blessed to be able to sing if I tried they convinced me! So this week was lots of singing in the car and stressing haha! So by the time Sunday came along we knew it so well and it went off without a hitch! I also dragged Eleder McNabb into singing with us, haha that's what he gets (;
Then of course I got the opportunity to sing a second time this week! Remember the less active member I told you about last week? Well at our lesson with her this week we talked about the importance of church attendance.  Like I said before this week we had District conference (which is the Utah equivalent to stake conference) So we invited her to go with us to that and then the potluck and talent show after the Saturday night session. Then she said, "Talent show? I play the guitar!" So we convinced her that she should do a song! Which then of course meant we were singing with her haha! I'm really not kidding when I say everyone just assumes every Sister Missionary can sing!
So she picked the song, "I can only imagine" by Mercy Me and we did it for the talent show and it also went really well! I'd never heard the song before and it's now a new favorite!
This week we also picked up a new investigator! She is 14 and has been at church every week since I got here! Her parents just weren't okay with her meeting with the missionaries, but something changed this week and we were able to start teaching her! We are so excited that she is so desirous to learn and grown in the gospel! Now of course you know I have some funny story every week and teaching this girl is how this week’s happened.  We taught her at the mall, because she is a child we can't be alone with her and her parents don't want her to be taught in the home.  So after we finished our lesson I look up and see this guy walk by...skinny, blonde hair, hat, sunglasses, and a Justin Bieber hoodie.  So I naturally assumed it was Justin Bieber and was like "we have to follow him" So we started to follow him and our investigator decided to just run up to him and ask if he was Justin Bieber, because I was 100% convinced it was.  So she did, came running back and was like, "he said yeah" So of course we just left...wait what?! Yes you heard right.  WE JUST LEFT!! So the whole time we were driving away I was freaking out that we just saw Justin Bieber and then left! So I called our District leader Elder Brienholt and told him the story (probably sounding totally crazy) and he was laughing so hard that he gave us permission to go back to the mall and find out if it truly was Justin Bieber.  So we did...and guess what! It was just a guy that kind of looked like Justin Bieber while wearing glasses...honest mistake! Haha it was seriously the funniest thing when I realized it in fact wasn't him just like Sister Anderson had been telling me! I'm not kidding when I say we find something to laugh about every single day!

We also had a great experience this week teaching a family! We knocked on their door and they let us in because they have an 8 year old little girl with LOTS of questions! So we sat down with this family to answer this little girl’s questions and they all related to the Plan of Salvation, so we taught them the whole thing! Then at the end we taught them about prayer and how they can know if it is true and about the Holy Ghost.  I asked the little girl how she felt the Holy Ghost would feel and she said, "a little voice telling me" and then her mom chimed in with , "or the fact that I've had chills this whole lesson and keep feeling like I'm just going to burst into tears" WOW! I was amazed! Most people have a very hard time recognizing the spirit and they knew right off the bat! Then we found out right as we were leaving that the moms mom had just passed away and they were really struggling with it. Amazing how that little girl lead us to the exact lesson they needed to hear!! We are so excited to continue to work with them!!
One other blessing I just have to tell you about is my companion!! Holy heck!! Sister Anderson is my favorite!! We are learning so much with each other!! We are seriously like BFF's!!! It's so fun!! We complete each other completely! I love it and her!! Companions are seriously picked for a reason!! This transfer is over next week! So pray we will stay together, I know I am!!
Which reminds me, with transfers next week my P-day will be on Wednesday (:
I love you all!!! Have the BEST week and remember to be the good you want to see in the world!

-Sister Hird

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