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June 21, 2016 P-Day #8

June 21, 2016
We've been so so so busy….which makes time go by sooo fast!! Yesterday was my two month since I was dropped at the mtc! Crazy it's been that long!! I'm also in the 6th week of this first transfer, which means that next Monday is the start of my 2nd transfer!! CRAZY! As a sister I only have 12 transfers and one is already almost gone! So if you're missing me, don't worry I'll be back in your loving arms soon enough(;
This week we taught like crazy!! We have a new investigator! He is a less active member’s husband! It will be cool to teach them and see their life change with the gospel! We did the Resto with them this week and it went great! The wife participated a ton and her husband was glued to the pamphlet!
We were also able to teach our 14 year old investigator twice this week! We did a FHE in a member's home and it was amazing!! This member is a bodacious black woman and she is loud and wonderful!! Our investigator has a.d.d so sometimes getting her to focus on a whole lesson is a struggle. But, this member had it down!! We taught the plan of salvation and Christine, the member, had all us of screaming “I GOT A BODYYYY” over and over haha and that's pretty much how the whole lesson went! Our investigator paid attention the whole time and had the plan down by the end of the lesson! The member involvement is such a blessing!!
For our second lesson we had another amazing member there with us and it was another awesome lesson! But in a completely different way! We did a church tour and then a lesson about baptism and the atonement at the end. We started the tour in the chapel and then ended in the room with the baptismal font. That is where we did our lesson. Let me tell you, watching the bible video of the atonement with the font right there brought such a strong spirit! It's seeing the why, what and how all in one place. Our investigator was able to stay focus no problem! I know the spirit was the one who was able to teach her and give her that focus she needed paid off!!! She is officially on date for baptism!! September 5th! (which is cool because that is some of my close homies birthdays) (:
We also had exchanges this week! Which is just when we work with other sister missionaries for a day and see what they do so we can improve our skills! That was really fun! Although I missed my dear Sister Anderson that day! I seriously don't know how I'll manage when one of us is transferred!!!
As always I must have a funny story for the week, this week is no exception! I even have two! So you know me, lovin' animals and such! 1St: The part member family I mentioned above has a deaf dog, she's so cute!! And one of the things she does that is sooo weirdly adorable is suck people's thumb. She crawls up on the couch behind you sits on our shoulder and then if you put your thumb up she'll suck it. Now, she won't just suck anyones thumb so when she did it to me during our lesson I was stoked! Sister Anderson whipped out my camera as fast as she could and tried to take a picture. But of course the dog stopped when the camera was out. While I was trying to get her to do it again Sister Anderson didn't realize the video mode was on. So this 3 second gem came to be. (It won’t send through email L)
2nd: While driving on a busy road (I was driving) and talking to member on speaker phone I freaking hit a bird! Like a big huge red bird! We all know that I am all drama, so of course I start screaming my head off...with the member on the phone and to top if off Sister Anderson was hysterical and crying she is laughing so hard! Needless to say, the member, who we were calling to coordinate us picking her up decided to drive herself to the appointment. Haha woops!!
Ahhh well, I love and miss you all bunches!! I hope you have a great week and laugh lots!!
Sister Hird

Canada Halifax Mission

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