Friday, August 5, 2016

August 2, 2016 P-Day #14

Hello hello!! This week has flown by!! Holy!
Soooo Sister Anderson is leaving me :,( I am going to miss her so much!! She has impacted me in so many amazing ways! But I know that she will work wonders where she goes! I don't know who I am going to be with yet, but I know I am staying here in St.Johns! Which I am super happy about! I am going to be able to be here for Nathan, My 10 year old investigators baptism! #blessed
This week we met with Nathan and his family.  We do fhe with them every Monday night and it's my favorite!! Nathan is preparing to baptized on August 30th! So we are teaching them as much as we can to make sure that he is fully prepared for that date! We went over the Atonement with them and showed the children's bible video about it (if you haven't watched them yet DO IT NOW!! HOLY they are the cutest thing ever!! It's a series of like 10 gospel stories told by kids and I LOVE them)
I love that I have the opportunity right now, at the beginning of my mission to teach these kids! I am learning how to simply teach and testify of the gospel truths I know and hold dear! It's such a blessing, because really this is how everyone should be taught! But since I am teaching kids it really puts my simplifying to the test!
This week President Pratt came up to Newfoundland and took all the missionaries in our distirct to dinner! It was so amazing to spend time with him and get the insight he has.  He is truly so inspired in all he does.
President Pratt has given me the assignment of teaching a family where the mom is a returned missionary her husband is a convert.  So she has been through the temple, but he has not yet! They have two little kids and being sealed has been a goal of theirs and I get to help teach about the temple and the covenants they will be making here shortly.  I am so excited to do this!! I know the blessings the temple brings and how much of a blessing its been in my life and I can't wait to teach them those same things.
The power we have as Latter Day Saints in the Church of Jesus Christ to seal is one of the most amazing gifts we've been given. I get to be with my family FOREVER! How amazing is that?? I get what makes me most happy for literally the rest of time.  I can't even begin to explain the power and meaning this brings to my life.  I don't know if I would be able to leave my family for 18 months without the knowledge that I get them forever.  While I'm here I get to help others make their families forever as well and that is a calling I want to always do justice! Baptism is of course something I as a missionary want for my investigators, but it is the gate (2 Nephi 31:17-18) that leads to so many other blessings, such as the temple, that I want them to receive also.
I love love love you all!! I hope you have a magical week!!

-Sista Hird
Nathan painted my nails for family night!

Nathan's Family

Yes B'y!! This a true newfie saying! They shorten boy to b'y (bye) and EVERYONE here does it! But you don't just say it when referring to actual boys, we get called b'y all the time! So when you ask anyone a question the answer is more often than not, "Yes b'y". So obviously Sister Anderson and I had to buy these yes b'y socks to show our newfie side(: 

Sister Hird and Sister Anderson

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