Saturday, December 17, 2016

December 12, 2016 P-Day #33

Ho ho ho!! 

Wow its sure feeling like Christmas around here!!! SO much love and merriness!! I LOVE it!! What a wonderful time of the year to be a missionary!! 
Saying goodbye to my Dutsy was HARD!! But I am so happy she is home with her family right now!! We had some great last memories together! We got the works done at sephora and did some shopping! We even got matching hoodies!! SO mcuh love! I got to go with Sister Dutson and my new comp to the temple the day before she left! Such a cool experience!! I love our tiny little temple here (: 

I LOVE training!! Its such a wonderful experience!! I am learning so much teaching!! My baby is Sister Goodsell!! Shes Canadian!! From Alberta! LOVE HER!! We complete each-other well! We get along great!!! Life is good here in the city (: 

This week has been so crazy and random I can't remember a thing that's happened haha!! So sorry about that!! 

LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thanks for all the love!! I seriously have the best support system in the world!! 

-Sister Hird 
Me being a happy little missionary with our Christmas decorations
provided by my Papa and Lolo (:

Sister Duston and I both like PLL so obviously we took a dramatic 
picture after our Sephora makeovers haha

Sister Hird's new baby, Sister Goodsell from Alberta, Canada

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