Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016 P-Day #34

Merry Christmas!!!! 
Wow!!! I can't believe Christmas is less than a week away!!! Time FLIES!! 
I LOVE this time of the year!!! So magical! 
This week has been FREEZING!! We did a Chili stand downtown this week and gave out free chili to homeless people and by the end I was shocked when I took of my shoe and still had all ten toes attached to my foot! It was -20 degrees!! 

Luckily we had lots of lessons this week so we didn't have to freeze all week! 
We met with Sandra this week! Sister Goodsell was able to ask her to be baptized (again) and this time instead of a "NO" it was more of a "no, not yet" which is great haha!! 
She is actually having us over on Christmas for dinner! Which will be so fun and crazy!! 

We had our Christmas devotional this week! Which was too good!! Lots of inspiring talks, a talent show and a white elephant gift exchange! I was the lucky recipient of a B-E-A-utiful deer jacket haha! #blessed sadly enough I had to put up a fight to get that bad boy and some stealing was involved! 

I got some lovely Christmas packages this week! You guys are really THE BEST!!! 
I got this adorable blanket made my adorable grandma lolo!! Sister Missionaries AND Frozen!! I am so lucky! Also featured in the picture...Mocha, my bear given to me by my lovely Sister Dutson

Love you all!! Enjoy Christmas with your families (and mine for me haha) 

-Sister Hird xoxo
Papa and Lolo's Christmas Gift!  Sister Missionaries and Frozen! 

Eating a Blizzard in a Blizzard

Mocha from Sister Dutson

The Beautiful White Elephant Prize!  VERY Coveted! 

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