Friday, December 2, 2016

November 26, 2016 P-Day #31

Hey everyone!!
So to start out my email this week I would like to start off with a quote: "When it rains it pours"
Ahhh this week! It was great missionary work wise! We have two new investigators! Dawood and  Clover!
Dawood is a member in the family wards boyfriend. He is from Iraq and started coming to activities and church for his girlfriend but when we met with him he said, "I started to come for her, but when I came to church I never wanted to leave and now I want to be a Mormon." So that was amazing!!
Clover is the friend of a YSA member Joan (who I LOVE) She is from China and is here attending school! She doesn't really have a belief or understanding of God right now so we are starting very simple with her.
Both investigators this week came from members!! Which is just amazing!! I am so blessed to be in an area where the people really understand their role and duty as member missionaries! It helps the work to move along so fast!!
Now for the rain of the week...
Sooo I had an itchy rash (or so I thought) on my feet and legs. I showed the mission nurse and she didn't know what it was so she told me to put some itch cream and give it time. So I did, and it got worse. So I showed a member in the ward, Goldie, who is a nurse.  She told me it looked like flea bites.  Which I was like, " no way! We don't have pets, we're in a new place! Couldn't be!" Haha oh was I wrong! We got home that night and I was putting on my PJ's and saw a little bug on my leg. So I screamed for Sister Dutson and we were like " couldn't be" Then it JUMPED off my leg! So we are playing it cool. Just a little bug, not a flea. So we are in the kitchen and I see another on my leg! So I trap it under a tuppperware and I'm lying on the ground watching it jumping around in there when I see another on the ground so I trap it...then another...then another...until we had like ten fleas trapped!!! FLEAS!! Literally we got fleas!! So we alternate between laughing and crying and called everyone and no one really had much advice for us since it was 10pm at night. So we slept in our flea infested apartment and that night and then for a few days until the exterminator came and sprayed.  I slept with flea collars around my ankles....I've never felt more trashy my friends haha but, I did rock them as you can tell from the picture (;
Now I'm sure you're thinking, "this can't get worse" as were we.  That is until Sister Dutson had some tooth pain. So we go to the dentist and find out she needs a root canal!! So we had to deal with that! Poor thing!! It was a rough few days! With many tears, but mostly laughter. Thankfully we both just laughed at our misfortune haha we couldn't believe it!
Whata week I tell you!!! Haha not too sad its over! But with it being over that means this week is my last full week with Sister Dutson!!! :,,,,,( I am SO sad!!!  We are having a blast together!! But, I am so excited for her to be home!! It'll be great!!
We also had a wonderful thanksgiving feast this week with some members that are all young families from Utah up here attending dental school! So never fear! I had a Utahan Thanksgiving even all the way up in Canada (: It was really fun and delicious!!
I LOVE you all!!!! Really don't feel too bad for me! Now that we are over the fleas, I can look back and laugh about it all! Haha!!! AND I have gained some good mission stories, that is for sure!!
LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Thank you for the love and prayers (although I think you must have slacked this week or somethin (; )
-Sister Hird!!!

Flea Collars on her ankles :( 

She's obsessed with her family and friends!

Her Study Area...she loves letter and pictures!!! Keep them coming!

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  1. Hi MiKell. I love hearing all your stories...even the crazy ones. Thoughts and prayers sending your way. May the Lord bless you. Love you. Aunt Wendy