Saturday, December 17, 2016

December 7, 2016 P-Day #32

  Well....its official, I am expecting a baby girl heading my way...TOMORROW!!
I will be training a new missionary this coming transfer!! I don't know much about her yet, but I will fill you all in next week (: I am really excited to be training and to be staying here in Halifax! #blessed
This week flew by and thankfully was much better than last week haha! 
We met with a lot of the recent converts this week! 
We were able to help a less active student who was baptized early this year move! I LOVE HER!! She is from China and seriously the sweetest person EVER!!  She found out last minute that she had to move and during finals! So we were able to help her out. She was getting rid of a ton of nice nice clothes and gave them all too us!! We were some happy little Sisters (: 
We got fed dinner every single night since I last wrote you! Everyone loves Sister Dutson, so they all wanted to be able to spend time with her before she heads home! 
Today is my last day with Sister Dutson 😢 I LOVE her!! I am so grateful for this last transfer I got to spend with her! She is such a great missionary and I am lucky to have been able to learn from her these past 6 weeks. 
We have a fun filled day planned today as a last hurrah! We are doing all the things we love....makeover at Sephora followed by shopping! 😍 (plus lots of packing haha) 
I love you all!! Have a fabulous weeek!! LOVE LOVE YOU!!!

-Sister Hird xoxo


Sister Hird, Sister Dutson and Sister Street
Awkward Christmas Family Photo :)

Sister Dutson and Sister Hird just before Sister Dutson is heading home

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