Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April 12, 2017 P-Day #50!!!

Hello hello!! It’s been awhile!! I have lots of news for you!!

Transfers are in and I am going to New Glasgow, I will still be an STL...but not with Sister Kilmer :( 
It’s actually kind of a weird thing, I am moving to New Glasgow but I will still also be over Truro! They used to be two separate areas but they will now be combined and I will be over both with my new companion Sister Kiser! She is great I was actually her STL last transfer and now we will be STL's together!! (: She’s really sweet so I am really excited! 
New Glasgow is about an hour away from Truro and we will be whitewashing (neither my companion or I have served there so we know nothing about the area)  Its still a branch there, but a bigger branch than here in Truro and we will be attending church in NG. So we will be up in New Glasgow must of the week and then we will be down in Truro once or twice a week to teach Jackie and Steve and our investigators ❤❤
Which I am really happy about because our investigators are doing SO well!! 
Ross is so great!! We have had three amazing lessons since I last updated you AND he came to church this past Sunday!!!! It was seriously the best thing EVER!!! It was testimony meeting and everyone bore testimony of their conversion and it was SO powerful! It was like the whole meeting was for Ross!!! 
Patrick is also doing really good! We taught him the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity and he has committed with no problem to live both and he is preparing to be baptized on the 29 of April!! Things are happening here people!!! Its sooo good! 
So now I get all these wonderful people here in Truro and the awesome people New Glasgow!! Best of both worlds!! 
Some info for ya:
My P-days are now going to be on Tuesdays! President is changing our schedule around and that's the new norm! It'll take some getting used to! But this next week it'll be on Wednesday again because of zone conferences (: 

Also since I am going to New Glasgow I have a new address:

438 Shelburne St

New Glasgow, NS B2H 3K6

Now I am just going to warn you, I am going to go crazy with pictures this week....
Last week we got to go up to Cape Breton!! It is SO beautiful and it was sooo good to see the ocean again!! I have seriously missed it! Truro is too inland to see it, this is the first time on my mission I haven't seen the ocean every day! I always seem to be right on the coast🏝

I love you all!!! 
I hope you have the best week!! Spread sparkle wherever you go!
-Sista Hird 


Sister Kilmer and Sister Hird at Cape Breton

Cape Breton

YEP THEY DID!! Elsa and Anna photo shoot before leaving each other!  These two will be friends forever! 
Sister Kilmer (Anna) and Sister Hird (Elsa)
Photo Credit to Jackie Aucoin (baptised 1 year ago!)

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