Friday, April 7, 2017

April 3, 2017 P-Day #49

What a wonderful week!!!  
First of all this week started with a baptism!!! Laureli was baptized and I got to be there!!!!! I was pretty much a wreck the whole time I was so happy!!! I couldn't hold it together!! Her mom told me, "you should have seen Laur at this time last year, and now she's baptized!! This is a complete 180!" Laur even brought a friend to the baptism and then invited her to come to church with her!!! Member missionary work was happening and she hadn't even been baptized an hour!!! CHANGE!! This is a Gospel of change and we are able to do that by turning to our Savior Jesus Christ!! 
We had two amazing lessons with our investigator Ross!! He wants to change SO bad and he is doing it! He has been fighting with addictions his whole life and he is overcoming them now!! 
We also taught our new 16 old investigator Kat!! She is seriously SO cool!! I LOVE HER!! We taught her the Restoration and she was just soo excited!! She kept saying, " This is the coolest thing ever!!!" "I am so excited to read The Book of Mormon!!" "There is a prophet on the earth right now!!!!" She has such an excitement for the gospel!! 

President Henry B. Erying said in the General Women's session this last Saturday. " Those who do not see their weakness's do not progress" We are weak, but through Jesus Christ we can be made strong. We just must be humble enough to see where we lack and then turn to the Savior to make those areas strengths instead of weaknesses! 
I LOVE LOVE LOVED conference!!! Ahhh I think I'll stay a missionary forever because conference is just so good when you are a missionary!! I am so stoked to get the conference ensign next month so I can really study the messages that were given! I know that the general authorities are God's servants on the earth and that by listening to them we will be able to do God's will for us and ultimately be happy! Something I think almost everyday is, "THIS IS GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!!! We have the truth!!! We have the key to happiness and the knowledge of the eternities!! No wonder we are so dang happy!!!" 
Something cool that the missionaries do here since conference doesn't start until 1 is go to other churches in the morning! So we went to the Baptist church then followed it up with the Catholic church after! WOW I gained soooo much understanding and respect for our investigators! Its really freaking hard to go into a church you have never been to and know nothing about! AND I had Sister Kilmer to go with me!! It was very interesting to see the way they did things! It was an eyeopening experience for us! ...I wasn't scared or confused at all...hahah 
It’s been a fun week!!! Sister Kilmer and I got bored this I dyed her hair! Literally I just love my companion sooooo much!! I can't believe it is week 5 already! We are just praying that we get another transfer together!!! Also Sister Kilmer’s mom is doing so good they are on a cruise this week!! (: 
President Pratt quote about me and Sister Kilmer, "When I think of your companionship I just shake my head and laugh and think, "I don't even want to know" "
So we are pretty much the best hahaha

Its a good life boys and girls
-Sister Hird



Laureli's Baptism!  Rock on!

Sister Kilmer's New Hair

Conference in Canada is the best because BULK BARN!!!

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