Monday, April 24, 2017

April 19, 2017 P-Day #51

Whatta week!!!! 

Well it’s happened, we are all moved in to New Glasgow!!! We went to church there for the first time this Sunday and the branch was SO welcoming!!! Two new Sisters and they were great!! AND best Easter surprise ever.....The Morphy's showed up in New Glasgow!!! They have family in Truro so they go there once a month and with transfers they found out I would no longer be there, but that I would be in New Glasgow (about a hour farther) and so they came there instead!!! They walked in the doors and I was like, "WHAAAAA!! What a coincidence!! Why are you here this week?!?!" And Sister Morphy goes, "um because you got transferred here!!!! DUH!!"  BEST. DAY. EVER. I was so surprised...and I may have teared's fine (: 

They were working with some amazing people up here!! There is a recent convert husband and wife here, Daryle and Sharon that we get to have lots of lessons with which is great! There two kids are now investigating the church! Their son Jason is 17 and their daughter Kesteal is 15, they are so awesome!! And they just started being taught so we will get to go through everything with them (: I always have the teen investigators...and I LOVE it!!! 

We also had our zone conference this week! It’s really fun to be able to gather together with lots of missionaries and discuss and be trained on how we can continually refine our skills to be better at what we are out doing all day everyday!

We also go the gift of the wonderful "tiwis" Which is just basically a car nanny (: (: It monitors our speed, how fast we accelerate, if we stop too fast, or go over big bumps at high speeds....then it reports it to our car coordinator and if we aren't driving well, they take away our car privileges (: Its fine...I didn't want to be able to drive a car anyway hahah (;

Life is really good here in New Glasgow! Sister Kiser and I get along really well! We are laughing lots!  

I hit my year mark tomorrow! WHAT?!?! How did that even happen?? 6 more months! I can't believe it's come so fast!!! Thank you all for the love, support, letters and e-mails (: They mean so much to me!! You all got me to this point!
I love you all!!! 
Have the best week!! 
-Sista Hird 

The elders even surprised us by decorating our house for us before we moved in.....yes, yes those are poop stickers...and yes, yes they are ALL over our apartment (: They even completely saran wrapped the fridge and tied our toilet shut...what nice guys (: 

One year older and wiser too....

The Morphy's
Their apartment “decorated” by the Elder Leroy and Elder Fairbanks (:

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