Friday, April 7, 2017

March 27, 2017 P-Day #48

This week I would like to start with a quote from a lovely man who we tried to give hot chocolate to at our Hot cocoa stand, "Brigham Smith and Phillip Young may love you, but everyone else thinks you're all a**holes"
hahahahahah ahh if that doesn't sum up the life as a missionary I really don't know what else does(: 
This week went by soooo fast!! I had such a good birthday!!! I can't believe I am 20 (Still mentally 5 though haha) I had cake everyday last week #missionaryperks 
I spent my actual birthday in Cole Harbor on exchanges and it was sooo fun!! Sister Kiser and Sister Auvigne made the yummiest pineapple cupcakes for breakfast!!! So we spent the day with them and then headed home around dinner time! We ate dinner with the lovely Aucoins!! They are recent converts here in Truro and they are just the BEST!!! They made me a maple meal!!! They do some much for us missionaries!! We are lucky to have them! 
Then we were back down in Dartmouth again Thursday for an exchange with Sister Champ and Sister Richardson...what a hoot!! They are a party and a half!!! We stayed up wayyy too late singing every Justin Bieber song we could think of...yes, I still have Bieber Fever💜
We got two new investigators this week! Becca and Ross.  They are both former investigators who we felt we should reach out to and they were interested in learning again! We are excited to teach them more!!
Ross is really cool! He stopped learning in the past because he had a hard time with the Word of Wisdom. When we stopped by he told us that he hadn't had alcohol in 3 months and was almost off coffee and smoking!! He has been sooo prepared for us!! Its really exciting!!
Laureli gets baptized tomorrow!!!!! AND President Pratt is letting me travel up to go to the baptism!!!! I am SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! 

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!!! You are all sooo amazing!!!!! I just LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Ahhh I am the luckiest! 

-Sister Hird

 Birthday Celebration with Jackie and Steve.  Mickey Mouse pancakes and Pure Maple Syrup!  

Birthday Blankie made by STEVE!!  So Sweet!

Spoiled Birthday Girl by her Companion!


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