Tuesday, June 6, 2017

June 6, 2017 P-Day #58

Hey team!!!
This week has been good!! Full of miracles!!! Soooo I am just going to share them with you, so brace yourselves for an email full of stories! (:
1. We were out knocking and the Street we were knocking wasn't very promising, the people were either not home, not interested, or catholic haha. But, Sister Osborn just felt like we needed to keep going on this street! While walking up the drive away from another "not interested. Leave" I saw the cutest puppy just standing at the top of the drive way! I was thinking "what a miracle, Heavenly Father gave me a puppy to make me happy on this rough street" So we keep going and the puppy keeps following us! I felt like we should figure out its home and return him. So we decided to knock a house and ask if they knew where the dog belonged so we could return it and they pointed us to the right place (a house a ways down the street that wouldn't have gotten to that night because it was about time to head home).  We knocked on the door and this older man answered, and was very grateful we had brought the dog back. We told him about the message we shared and he wasn't really interested.  He told us that he was going through a hard time and that he doesn't like to talk about....but then he said, "my wife died 6 months ago after me being her caretaker for the past 6 years.  I'm just taking one day at a time licking the wounds, trying to heal and missing her always." My eyes filled with tears and I was overtaken with gratitude for the knowledge we have that families are together forever and even more gratitude that through a puppy lead us to this sweet hurting man, so that he could know to.  We shared briefly the plan of salvation and left him with the pamphlet to read over on his own.  By the end of our talk with him his heart was softened SO much and as we were leaving he said, "I'll read this tonight! You've brought me a lot of comfort!" We are going back in a week to see what he thought of the pamphlet!!! 
Lesson learned: always follow the puppy (and the spirit of course) 

2. We were stopping by a former investigator and it was an apartment building that you had to be buzzed into.  We buzzed twice, no answer THEN a pizza guy came out! But, we didn't act fast enough! The door closed before we could grab it and we were like, "DANG ITTTTT" Then I  grabbed the door handle, and said "God if you want us to go see Dianne I will open this locked door!!!!" And I pulled....AND IT OPENED!!!! The door that was very much locked, that no one buzzed opened! How great is our God!!! It was really cool!!! Funny, but cool (: Our faith was definitely strengthened even though Diane actually wasn't home haha 

3. We stopped by another former investigator and the lady had since moved! The guy, Steve, who now lived there talked to us for a minute but was really closed off to the idea of God because he was experiencing some trials. He told us he really wasn't interested so we left him with a plan of Salvation pamphlet with our number on it. Then, that night we get a call from him!! He said that he just kept feeling like he needed to call us and tell us he would learn more...so he did!! So we set up to go over the next day! We taught him fully the Plan of Salvation and he said he felt the spirit so strong tell him he was doing what God wanted him too just like when he felt he should call us!! So we were able to pick him up as a new investigator!! BUT it even gets better!! An hour after the lesson we get a call from him and he tells us that he feels really strongly that his teenage grandson needs this in his life too!! He asked if he could come to the next lesson too!! WOOOOO WOOOOO

Miracles miracles miracles!! 
Goooooood week!!! 
I love you alllllllll!!! Thank you for the prayers, letters and support!! It means the world to me!

-Sister Hird 

Wooo! Highschool reunion! This Elder went to Alta too! 
Sister Osborne, Elder Clark & Sister Hird

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