Monday, June 19, 2017

June 13, 2017 P-Day #59

What a week!!! So so so much has happened...I can't remember a thing hahah 
One of the sisters in Wolfville that we are over has been really really sick, so we went up there to help them in their area and get the sick sisters companion out! They have been cooped up in the house for a week!! So that was fun! 
We have two new investigators this week! Heidi and Michelle. Heidi is SO cool! The other sisters were taught her once then we came in and she had a big work project so we just got to meet with her for the first time this week! She is SO COOL! She is searching for truth SO much!! She read the last 3 books in the Book of Mormon and just loves it!! Its amazing! 
Michelle is super cool (probably because she has the same name as my beloved mother) We knocked on her door and she said, "oh come on in and sit down for a bit" She believes in loose spiritualism, but wants to know if there is a God and what His plan is for us. So we taught her the plan of salvation! (: 
THEN highlight of my week....we did exchanges with the Halifax Sisters and I got to spend a whole day with my love Sister Bair!!!! It was THE BEST!!! And on top of that they had a lesson in Halifax set up that they couldn't I had to go to a lesson with Sister Bair...TO THE MORPHY'S!! Oh it was the BEST!!! They had no idea I was coming so I surprised them and both Isabelle and Laur cried!! It was AMAZING! It was also just fantastic to have a lesson with Laur after she's been baptized!! She has come SO far!! We asked the question, "what do you do when you're baptized?" She responded with, "you make a covenant with God to always walk by His side" I legit teared up when she said that! Its amazing what the holy ghost does for people! Shes amazing!! Belle is still praying about baptism.  She knows its true and is doing everything, she just doesn't like to be pushed.  But she will do it! I know it (: (: (: 
Sister Morphy also told me that they are preparing to go through the temple in August and then be sealed!!!!! Its amazing!! I know Belle can be baptized by then too!!!!! 
SO SO SO good!!! 
I love you bunches!! 

-Sista Hird
The Morphy's!!


  1. Love reading your experiences. And praying for you always. Love you!