Monday, June 5, 2017

May 24, 2017 P-Day #56 Transfers!!

Transfers are in AND SURPRISE my (short) time in New Glasgow has come to a close! I will be heading back to the metro! I am going to Sackville, Nova Scotia.  I will still be an STL and I will be companions with....Sister Osborne, will be a high school reunion (: Crazy crazy! She is new to Sackville as well, so we will be whitewashing the area! Woo! Three transfers in a row with a new area and companion! I am sure learning packing skills, and how to get rid of things hahaha! I am excited to be back in the hustle of the city and see the ocean everyday again!  (:  Sad to be leaving here so soon though! BUT I am lucky and Sackville is the ward Jackie and Steve go to!! So I will get to see them every Sunday! WOO WOO!!
Well my week, last two considering I missed last week haha! 

We did the Cabot Trail up in Cape Breton for P-day!! Which was SO FUN!!! I have lots of pictures this week to prove I do in fact have the most beautiful mission!! 

All our investigators are doing really well! Jason is SO ready!! We asked him about his baptismal date and he said, " I have been praying about it and I just feel good! I don't see why I wouldn't do it, only good can come from it." He is just so cool! Since I will only be about an hour and a half away and the baptism is so soon, I should be able to come back for it! WOO

So yeah!! Thats my life at the moment (: 

-Sista Hird 

Sister Hird and Sister Kiser 

Cape Breton

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