Monday, August 7, 2017

July 25, 2017 P-Day #65

Its been awhile! Sorry I ditch you last week, crazy p-day (: But that only means that this weeks letter will be even better because it has two weeks worth of miracles!! 

I'll kick it off with our investigators...We had three at church this week!! woo woo
Sarah is doing AMAZING!!! We had an amazing lesson with her at the temple! She text us and asked if she was allowed to walk around the grounds, so we told her of course she could and that we could even meet her there and show her around! Which we did! It was too good! (here the temple is only open certain limited hours because there aren't that many people to go to the temple....very different from Utah) So we couldn't take her in to the waiting room.  After walking around for about 40 min we were getting ready to leave and then the temple president and his wife pulled in and we introduced Sarah to them and they said, "well you can't come to the temple without coming inside!" So they unlocked the door and let us in! They even sat in with us and taught Sarah about the temple! It was too good to be true! 

Then Saturday night Sarah decided to put God to the test because she was feeling nervous about she completely turned off her phone so she had no alarm and us calling wouldn't wake her up and she told God that if she needed to go to church he would get her up...and low and behold Sunday morning rolls around and Sarah (who is a big sleeper inner) Woke up with just enough time to get ready and come to church! So she did (: (: It was such a cool experience for her and us to see God encouraging her to do what she knows is right! 
Heidi is also amazing! She is still playing the organ for her church so we got to go to my old hood the Halifax Ysa with her (its the latest starting sacrament) and it was SUCH a good meeting! The talks were so perfect for her and the spirit was SO strong! She cried a few times during the meeting! Miracles! 
Glena is also doing really well! Along with her recent convert grandson Aiden (: 
We went to their house last night and Aiden had molded me a clay Fairy Penguin pictured below (my new favorite animal thanks to the cute video sister pratt showed us at zone conference) His cousins were also over and sure did love us missionaries (: 

Its been a fun, fast few weeks!! I also had to do an exchange with 4 sisters this week! Which I always love!! I love have tons of people around, I wonder why that is(; 

Sister Fin's English is improving! We are working hard to get her many opportunities to teach and speak with everyone! That will be the best training she can have (:

We have another busy week ahead of us full of conferences, exchanges and lots of fun! That is one thing I have enjoyed so so much about this transfer...being so busy! It sure makes the days fly by and I am just so so happy constantly doing! 


-Sister Hird 

Aiden and his Clay Fairy Penguin

Aiden't Family

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