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April 27, 2016 P-Day #1

April 27, 2016
This week has been the most amazing and also the hardest of my WHOLE life!! I am learning soooo much, laughing lots and of course feeling the spirit pretty much constantly!!
I'll start with an overview of my first week here at the MTC
I would have thought the first day would be the hardest...but you're so dazed and shocked you really can't even get your emotions in check to know  how you feel!! But I can sum up my 1st day with three words. Emotional Roller coaster.
Holy cow!! The goodbyes were so fast and so hard. But at the same time it's the beginning of the most amazing journey, so its definitely a happy sad and a whole lot of overwhelming. We met our comps, roomies and district right at the beginning! I LOVE them ALL!! My comp is from Canada (the opposite side from where our mission is) so shes teaching me lots!  She is super tough and played rugby before the mish...and here I am...the fairy ahaha! Sooo while we are sooo different, its good because it really balances out well!! The only thing I may need to work on while her is table manners(; Then the rest of the activities were all intro type things and then before I knew it, it was time for bed!
One of my oh so wonderful teachers Brother Krudeir (Cry-dur) explained the mtc PERFECTLY...
"The MTC is a lot like trying to drink from a fire hose...you get a little water in your mouth, but mostly your face just hurts" TRUTH. SERIOUSLY. It's funny...but so accurate its sad haha!!
Then the rest of the week is tons of study and classes! So I'll give you the highlights!
we've been teaching investigators and we were able to get two of them to pray at the close of our meeting...BEST FEELING EVER!!! To hear a sincere prayer from someone who has never talked to there Heavenly Father, or even realized they have a Father in Heavenly who loves them so much is the most beautiful thing this world has to offer (other than maybe getting them to know ALL the amazing things about this Gospel) the other thing I LOVE SO MUCH is that being a missionary I am given the ability to feel Heavenly Fathers love for all his children, and boy I do.  I walk into the room to teach the investigator and immediately am overwhelmed with sooo much for love for them I have a hard time not just hugging them!!
Which by the way not being able to hug everyone is HARD! I didn't realize what a hugger I was!! It's so cute, almost every time I time anyone they say, "Oh, you're a good hugger" or something like that and it just makes me happy happy!!
Some other funny things I've learned about my self are that I apparently talk super funny, my WHOLE district makes fun of me constantly for it! I am the only one from Utah in my district so I guess it makes sense...but still...weird haha! I apparently say y'all a lot too, which I swear is and brand new thing...I didn't even think I was saying it until someone would point it out to me!! WEIRD. The MTC does things to people I guess! I had a teacher guess where I was from (without prompting, he just did it) after a two minute max conversation and I said "Oh I'm sister Hird I'm from..." And he interrupted with "Let me guess Sandy, Utah?" I was in shock! I thought the district was just giving me a hard time...NO it's real haha
The best thing in the mission to ever be shown is the Character of Christ talk by Bednar...Elder Brumm was right to tell me to watch that the first opportunity I got! It's amazing! i don't know if you can find it out in "the real world" because it is a talk specifically given and shown in the mtc...but at least look for it because it WILL change your life!
Also here at the MTC we have a devotional every Tuesday night, and you never know who it's going to be...so when Dallin H. Oaks waltzed on in I nearly died!   An Apostle of the church came and spoke to us!!!! Ahhh the blessings of being a missionary are the REALEST!!!
This week I received sooo many letters and packages(my whole district was jealous muahaha)
THANK YOU!!! All your kinds words get me through every day!!!
Funny/Amazing things about the letters and packages I got from my two sets of grand parents was:
1st: I got two GIANT packages yesterday (tues. 4/26) I was dying to open them because both were so heavy (or I'm just weak) so when I finally ripped into them I died laughing! My grandparents know me SO WELL! In BOTH packages were two packs of my V8 Energy drinks (which I desperately needed)  and two boxes of chicken in a biscuit crackers...HAHA I LOVE IT!!! There really isn't much more in life I could ask for!!! Of course both packages also had some other yummy treats I adore and a letter! So they weren't exactly identical but i still thought it was just hilarious...as did my roomies, who are also glad I got a lot so they can eat a ton of it too!!
2nd: I learned that BOTH sets of grandparents are seriously gifted in receiving promptings from the spirit.
like I mentioned before Dallin H. Oaks came and spoke with us Tuesday night.  we get out letter at the end of every day so they don't distract us.  So I got a dear elder letter from Papa and in it he ended with the quote "The most effective missonaries always act of of love" by....DALLIN H. OAKS!! Whaaaaa! Soo cool!!
Now before I tell you the next grandparent miracle I have to tell you a quick little story! So we had an early service project one day, and me being in charge of setting the alarm and the bright soul I am I set the alarm...then didn't turn it on...hahah! So the alarm was set for 5:50 so we could roll around and whine about getting up for about ten minutes before we actually had to get up.  BUT since I didn't set it, it didn't go off.  But for some odd reason at 6am that morning, I woke up out of a dead sleep and sat straight up as if someone had yelled my name...for no apparent reason...and any of you who know me, know that I could sleep in until noon no problem. So the fact that I just happened to wake up (at the perfect time), realize what had happened and then was able wake the other sisters so we could go serve was a miracle! We talked as we cleaned the bathrooms all morning about how lucky we were that I just woke up so we could be there!!  Now fast forward to when I received my packages...in package from my Grandpa and Grandma Buehner my sweet granny had written me a card which was dated with the day we had our service project, and in it, it said,
"Funny story! I woke up this morning at 6:00am. Noticed the time & yelled in my head "TIME TO WAKE UP MCKELL"!! Did you hear me?"
WOW. Are you crying? Because I sure was. Not only was I bawling when I read this aloud to my shocked roomates (who wanted me thank you very much for them, btw grandma) but I can't seem to stop the tears from flowing again now as I write.  At the time I am sure to my grandma it seemed like a funny thing to do...but through this simple act of faith, 4 brand new missionaries who are eager to please were able to wake up on time, not have to rush or panic, and got where they needed to be. All because of you.  YOU ARE MY HERO GRANNY B.
The church is true y'all (if I say it, imma write it too haha)
Thank you for the constant love, support, letters, packages and prayers.  They are all truly felt and appreciated.  I LOVE YOU!!!!
p.s Remember to yell at me in your head, you never know how much I really need it(:
Sister Hird

Canada Halifax Mission

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