Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 17, 2016 P-Day #3 First in the Field

May 17, 2016
Well, I'm here in Canada!!!
So I'll start with my travels to this beautiful land!
I left the MTC at 6:30am on Tuesday and took the train to trax and trax to the airport (granny B. you were right)
The craziest thing happened right at the beginning, we were dropped off at the train station by the MTC and an elder was a little bit late, so we didn't make the 1st train which meant we had to take the next one and wait 25 minutes.  Which was something a lot of the missionaries were grumbling about.  But little did they, or I realize that us missing that first train was a complete blessing for me. While standing on the platform waiting I looked to my left and was shocked to see my Uncle Kurt waltzing down towards us, so I called out to him.  He looked as shocked as I was.  He was headed in to work (which is right down the street from the train) he passed the station and saw the big group of missionaries and felt that he needed to turn around and go talk to them.  He had no idea that I was there.  Because of  his willingness to listen to the still small voice, the spirit was able to guide him to me and answer my prayers.  I was super excited to be heading out but also nervous to be leaving and doubting myself and worrying about family.  So I said a little prayer in my heart that I would be able to feel peace and reassurance, and then my miracle walked up to me not 2 minutes later. Kurt was able to be that reassurance I needed and he told me what a great missionary I would be.  It was a true blessing from my Heavenly Father. For those that know me well, you know I joke about how lucky I am.  But in actuality it's not luck, you have no idea how much I've prayed.  It's not merely coincidence or just luck.  It's my Heavenly Fathers divine hand and influence in my life.
Alright, now after a miracle, train ride, and trax ride we arrived at the airport with plenty of time.  We checked our bags problem free, which also was a miracle.  I will fully admit I have some issues when it comes to packing.  I bring literally everything. So the fact that my bags were 50 and 49 pounds was AMAZING! #blessed
After a layover and 10 total hours of travel and being the "Travel Leader" of our group of 5 missionaries we made it to Halifax and finished customs at 1:30am.  When we walked out into the airport my sweet mission president, President Pratt was there waiting for us with the assistants to the president and sister training leaders.  They guided us jet lagged missionaries to the car and took us to the mission home.  Where we found out where were headed and ate some good chili.

I found out I was headed out to St. John's Newfoundland. Which meant that I would be on a plane again very soon.  Newfoundland is the one of the few areas in my mission you have to fly to.  So they told me I would spend two nights in the mission home and then fly out Thursday evening.  Then Wednesday President let us sleep in (he seriously is so loving) We did some training and then went and got Nova Scotia Drivers Licenses. So I had to give up my cute little 16 year old one...but it's all good a Nova Scotia one is much cooler(;Then at about 2:00pm I found out that I was actually flying out in like 2 hours.  Something went wrong with the flight plans so I was outta there a day early.  So I didn't get to spend too much time at the mission home but, I still love them so much! The flight to Newfoundland was only about an hour and a half.  Then when we landed I met my sweet trainer Sister Anderson! I LOVE HER!! She is the BEST! I couldn't be more blessed to have her! She is super sweet and such a great missionary!
I know I will learn so much from her!

Now I'll tell you a little bit about St.Johns and some of the amazing experiences I've had here already! It is a small little town with "jellybean houses" which are just the cute colorful little houses on the cliffs. The people are sooooo nice!! I can't believe it! Many don't want to hear our message, but they reject us so unbelievably politely! They tell us that while they are happy Catholics they are just so proud of us "young people" for going out and teaching of Jesus Christ.  They are amazing! Another thing I love very much here is that we work with a lot of less actives as well as investigators.   They are just as important!

This is week we were able to find and a teach a sweet little old lady named Dianne.  We taught her the Restoration....which leads me my first funny mission story.
Sooo this is me holding the restoration pamphlet so you can really picture this experience.

We pull out the pamphlet to begin teaching, and show her the front cover. We describe to her the loving way Jesus is looking at this sheep and then convo go's as follows:
Us: So Dianne, looking at this picture and how loving Christ is what do you think this means for you? How the gospel help you?
Dianne: *with a very excited look* WOW, sooo the gospel is for animals?!?! Like cats and dogs and stuff can be baptized too??
B'y, let me tell you it was the hardest thing in the world to not bust up laughing. We then explained to her the story of the Savior and the lost sheep.  We also taught her the entire Restoration of the church and at the end I invited her to be baptized and she said YES!!!
Such an amazing experience...with some humor as well haha

This week I also got...my first kiss as a missionary.....
Haha but don't worry too much! My comp and I got to help with a special needs activity here at the church! There were quite a few very friendly brothers that were there, so I got a couple hugs and of course the kiss! It was pretty funny, I was shocked. But had to quickly recover to block the second kiss attempt. Haha ahhh being a missionary sure is great!

Out here we do a lot of door knocking and street contacting. We have so many beautiful parks and city areas we go and teach anyone who listen.  It's a hard work, but it's soo rewarding.
I am SOOO HAPPY.  Being a missionary is my favorite.  It is hard at times, especially with missing all my friends and family back home! But every time I bring someone even a tiny little bit closer to Christ it's all worth it.  Even when they say no, and the best we can do is get them to take a pass along card.  It's all worth it!  

Love you all sooo much!! Have a good week and know you're in my prayers!                                  

Sister Hird
Canada Halifax Mission

p.s. my direct address is :

1A Chimo Place
St. Johns, Newfoundland
A1A 3p7  Canada

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