Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 30, 2016 P-Day #5

Hello world!!
Life is oh so good up here in Newfoundland!
We have taught a lot this week and done so many things!! We are always busy, which I've found is by far the best thing you can be as a missionary!
We are still teaching the family from Iraq frequently. They don't understand everything we say, but they are so willing to learn and try to understand! They have the desire to learn, so I know that we can do it...But if you all wanted to pray that I'll receive the gift of tongues I wouldn't be mad haha(;
One thing I must confess too, that I never thought I would is...that Utah is seriously the greatest place in the whole world.  I seriously never thought I would say that haha! I miss everything! Mountains...I miss those big beautiful mountains every day!! I know that Utah isn't really what I miss most, it's the people there. Man do I miss you all!! Especially my mama!! She really is the best ever! She's my hero. No doubt. 100%. She is literally wonder woman!! I informed her this week that she better be prepared to have me as a neighbor for the rest of her life because after this I don't know if I can stand being much further than that from her ever again haha!!
Life as a missionary really is going so good! Being able to be a representative of Jesus Christ everyday, and do what he would do if he were in this exact place I am now called brings such a sense of surety in my everyday life.
I love it here. The people are really so nice, I can't believe it! I really don't think I have had anyone be even a little bit rude! Which is seriously the biggest blessing!!
The people are sooo funny. They talk like you wouldn't believe. The first few days I was here I couldn't understand most of what the people were saying haha. But I'm finally catching on to all the little sayings and what they actually mean!
One thing really cool I have learned this week about the power of the Holy Ghost is that it can really be whatever is going to touch that person the most.  In some lessons the spirit that is felt is very calm, or loving.  But every time we meet with the Drdr family it is this fiery spirit that testifies so strongly and brings excitement for the learning! I love feeling the different ways the spirit works for different people. It helps me understand the spirit, but also the people we are teaching so much better.
I'm keeping it a little short this week, but before I go I have to tell you a funny foot in mouth moment I had this week to reassure you that I am still the same McKell(;
We were in the library at our church looking for some material with the elders and a member of the branch presidency. Sister Anderson pulled out this HUGE binder that said "Book of Mormon" on the front...
Sis. Anderson: “ Holy Cannoli! Look at how big this Book of Mormon is!!”
Me: (being the sassy person I am) “Wow!! The people reading that must be blind!!”
Sis. Anderson then opened the giant Book of Mormon and guess what we saw?...Braille. Yes that is right. It was for actual blind people. We literally died on the floor laughing for a solid 5 minutes while the others in the room just looked at us like we were completely insane haha! So if you are wondering if a mission would help me develop a filter...it looks like that just isn't something that is going to happen anytime soon haha!!
Well that's all for this week folks! I hope you have a wonderful week! Thank you so much for your support and prayers. I feel so much love ALL the time! I love you!!
Sista Hird

Canada Halifax Mission

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  1. Your spirit warms my heart Sista Hird :) Loved the tribute to your mom. Well said. Continued joy in your work.