Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 4, 2016 P-Day #2

May 4, 2016

How is it Wednesday already!? 
I cannot believe that I'm two weeks in!! Time is flying by!! It's CRAZINESS!!! The Mtc is just a lot of classes, prayer and teaching!! I think I will have more excting things to say once I am out in the field because there will be more new things and change....WHICH BTW I'll be flying out to the field in just 6 days! WOW oh wow!!! I'm ready and also so sad about it! Our District has become sooo close and saying goodbye is going to be a sob fest!! The Elders and Sisters I get to work and study with every day are a true blessing in my life! They all have something special they add to the group! I KNOW we were all meant to meet and have this MTC time together!
Also HUGE blessing of the week...I got to see my mama!! I was having some tooth pains (I'm all good now) and since my insurance is so weird, I had to go to my original dentist, which meant on Thursday my mom got to come get me from the MTC and we got to spend like five hours together with me as a missionary! It was AMAZING!!! 
Sorry y'all! I'm sort on time this week! But I promise I will send something longer next week because that's when all the change is happenin'!! I love you all! The letters, packages, and most importantly prayers touch me everyday! I have so many people backing me up, I know there is no way I can fail!!!

Missionary work is obviously tiring...best part about this...is I'm in the middle of the hall in the residence hall, and I was there for a good hour haha 

We had grapes at lunch one day, so obviously I put them in my upper lip and sang, as high pitched as I could "Where are you christmas" from the grinch....BIG MISTAKE hahaha! I now do it at least two times a day for random people who need some laughter because it's become quite well known haha! I've been called "Sister Lou-Who" on multiple occasions (: 

Sister Hird

Canada Halifax Mission

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