Monday, August 15, 2016

August 15, 2016 P-Day #16

Hey hey!!
This week has been wonderfully busy!
With Nathans fast approaching baptismal date (19 days away YAY) we are meeting with them lots!! I LOVE it!! This week has been so great with them! Just in the past week I have been able to feel such a difference in their home!! It's amazing! We walk in  and the spirit is already there.  They have been at church for a month straight, they are doing daily family prayer and the difference it is making is so apparent! Yesterday at church Nathan's mom bore her testimony on the difference the gospel makes in life.  She talked about how since she has been less active over the past 4 years she has been missing so much and now she has it back and she loves it.  I am just so impressed and proud of her and the way she is changing her and her family's life.
Nathan is soooo ready to be baptized! HOLY! Every time I talk to him I am completely blown away! He knows so much and has such a strong desire to have the church in his life! I love being in their home and being able to be with them and see this progression take place!
We had a zone conference this week up in Gander so we got to get some training and guidance from President Pratt! He is just amazing!! He is such an inspired man and knows exactly how to help us be the best and most effective that we can be. I love any time we get to spend with him and Sister Pratt! They are such a blessing to the mission and my life (:
Our other investigator Angela is out of town these next two weeks, so we didn't get to meet with her! But she called us and let us know that she packed her Book of Mormon and is excited to read it while she is away(:
Sorry for the short letter this week!! This week was full of finding more people to teach and spending time with Nathan and his family!
Life is oh so good!! I love where I am and who I am working with!! 
-Sista Hird

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