Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016 P-Day #17

Good day beautiful people!!! Wow, I just love you all so so much and I just love being a missionary!
 This week was WONDERFUL!! We had three lessons with Nathan and his family this week which I always love so much!! Everytime I'm missing something about my family I go there and suddenly it doesn't seem too bad! Yesterday when we were there Natasha (the mom) said something super sweet that made me tear up! (which I do all the time by the way haha! My mission broke me!! I cry at EVERYTHING!! Angie... I finally understand the weeping problem...because I'm living with it!) She was holding her little one year old baby Favour and said, "it's really cool you were here when Favour took her first steps Sister Hird! Think of all the other firsts you'll see with my family!" And right then it really hit me, why I am out here. Whenever I am sad about the first steps I'm missing at home I remember that if I wasn't here I wouldn't even know the people here I have grown to love SO MUCH!!! It really put life in perspective for me! Which I needed this week(: I get my family for ETERNITY so while 18 months seems like a long  time the eternal perspective it's not too bad!(;
Nathans Baptism is coming up so fast! Next week!! Next Saturday Nathan will be baptized!! I can't believe it! I am soooo excited for him!! It is going to be the best day ever! I'm not going to lie...I think I'm more excited than him haha!!!
This week we also did the best thing ever...Branch Babysitting Night!! Whaaa?? Confused? Missionaries aren't supposed to babysit...right? Right! But President Pratt is the best ever and felt that the parents in our branch have so many responsibilities and the only alone time they get is when the kids go to bed.  Which just wasn't cutting it for him! So once a month we get to play with the kids (with other adults of course and the senior missionary couple in the area) It's the best!! Kids were my life at home so being around them is just my favorite!! We also put on Frozen for the we got to watch parts! Blessed!!! I love that movie too much!  We also got to wear pants for this activity, so I wore jeans for the first time on my mission...if you can't tell I was a little excited!
Thank you all for the constant love and support!! I seriously don't know what I have done to deserve so many amazing people I am blessed to call family and friends!! You are my rock and I love you!!
Peace and blessings, peace and blessings
Sista Hird

Wearing Jeans as a Missionary!!  

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