Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016 P-Day #15

Hello hello world!!
This week has been busy and oh so great!
Sister Anderson left me Wednesday ( I only cried buckets of tears) and that was sad, but I know she will do so good in Sackville!! They obviously need her there(:
My new companion is Sister Lofgran! She is from Riverton, Utah. She has been out on her mission 1 year! I'm excited for all I can learn from her! It's going to be a good transfer!
This week we got to meet with Nathan twice! Holy! This boy is amazing!! He seriously is the best! He is so solid! He reads everything we leave with him and such a strong desire to learn and be baptized! We are almost done teaching him all the basic lessons and will then do the commandments and he is good to go! He really is so great!! I'm so happy to be able to see the change that is taking place in there home with the gospel influence! The whole family has bee with us at church for the past three weeks in a row! Sitting with them is like being home, cheerios crayons, and noise! It's the BEST!!
We also met with Angela this week! She is trying so hard to accept the change that the gospel will be in her life.  She has been catholic for 76 years, so change is hard for her.  But the longer we teach her the more she realizes that change has to occur and that she is willing to do it! We still have a long way to go, but I know that we will get there!
We got to visit Jaxcine this week...she is one of my favorite people in the whole world! She is a older woman who is a member and is in a assisted living facility.  She is not all the way there mentally, but let me tell you she makes my week every time we see her! She has bright purple hair, which she is changing to pink because that's my favorite(:  She loves all things Disney and tells me all about the people she needs to pray for "because they don't like Frozen, so obviously something is wrong in their head and they need Jesus" She tells me this about every time we go, she knows whats up(; We got to spend about an hour with her laughing and hearing all of her life advice for us! Goooood times!(:
Funny know me, whitest person alive. I have a tan line from my! TAN! In Canada of all places! The blessings of the mission, am I right?!
Well, I love all of you soo soo much! Have the most magical week EVER!!

-Sista Hird 
Catholic Basilica

Royal Regatta Day Boat Races

Her first tan line :)

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