Sunday, October 16, 2016

October 10, 2016 P-Day #24

Every week is a good week...and this week was no exception!!
We were able to teach our two elderly women investigators and they are just great!! It is hard for people who have grown up in a religion to change and accept something different, but they are both trying so hard to understand and know for themselves what God wants them to do! 
Angela, one of these investigators surprised us by having her 19 year old niece there when we showed up for our lesson #dreams 
We were originally going to teach the plan of salvation, but, Angela hadn't read from the Book of Mormon since the last time we had taught her so instead we read where she is at in the BOM.  Before we could even start to explain the Book of Mormon to Meg (her niece) Angela started to teach her the restoration using terms like "apostasy and priesthood" and she really emphasised how our church was RESTORED "not like the other churches where man just changes things" It was AMAZING!! She really knows her stuff! The lesson was so great! We are excited to go back to Angela's this week and see if Meg comes again.  We invited her but she wasn't sure if she would be able to make it! So pray for Meg pretty please!!(: 

Aelia is on date for November 5th, which will be next maybe I'll just stay in Newfoundland again?? That would be a really long time for one area, but I just love everything about this place so much I could serve my whole mission here and be completely happy!! 

We had our exchanges this week, so we traveled up to Gander for that! I got to do a familysearch booth at a craft fair there! Soooo fun!! We use family history as a way to find people to teach (: Sister Olsen (my sister training leader who I was on the exchange with) and I had a wonderful exchange together!! LOVE HER! 

Happy thanksgiving by the way!!! Today is canadian thanksgiving! So yesterday we ate thanksgiving supper with two families in the branch and then today we are being fed at noon by Lori and then again at 5:30 by the Wickhams! 3 Thanksgivings, 2 days, I am living the dream people!! 

Its constant smiles around here, I love being a missionary (: 

-Sista Hird 

I got this wonderful shirt this week..."if you met my family, you'd understand" TRUE

Sister Park, Sister Hird, Sister Lofgran and Sister Olsen

Sister Hird and Sister Olsen

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