Friday, October 7, 2016

October 3, 2016 P-Day #23

Whatta week!!
This week has been wonderful!!  We were able to teach our investigator Rachel..and she had a friend there! So we got a new investigator from that as well!! So great! And we took Nathan and his family to the lesson, which was soo great! Nathan was able to simply testify of the truth of prophets and why we need them today! It was amazing!!
We are also teaching Aelia again!! My 14 year old investigator from when I first got here! She called us this week and said. "You know that baptism thing...yeah I know I need to do that" So we are teaching her once again and she came to ALL of general conference with us!!
CONFERENCE!! Wow oh wow!! We are so so lucky to live in this dispensation! We are blessed with all the guidance we could ever need in life! We have a living Prophet who spoke to us! I loved this conference! It was so cool to know that all around the world we were doing the same thing! As I sat there watching I knew my family was doing the exact same thing and hearing the exact same words! AMAZING! It's funny, conference here was at 1:30 and 5:30! So not so much morning and afternoon sessions haha!
I love being a missionary!! It brings me so much joy and happiness everyday! I love being around missionaries, members and Gods children.  I love the opportunity I have to remind people of their divine heritage every single day! We are children of the Almighty God and He loves us.  How great He is and in turn, how great YOU are!
Find a reason to laugh...hard, everyday this week (: I promise it makes life SO much better!
-Sista Hird


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