Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 25, 2016 P-Day #26

***The news is in!!! I am going to Halifax!!!! With Sister Dutson from Utah! I have heard so many good things about her so I am sooo excited!! I'll be serving around Sister Anderson again!!!***

Hello hello! Sister Hird here reporting from Newfoundland for the last time! That's right! I just found out that I will be leaving the Rock that has been my home for the past 6 months! CRAZY! I won't know where I am going until later tonight when they post the transfer letter! So I'll hop on right after and just sent a quick message to let you all know where I am headed!
I can't believe I am leaving!! I hit my 6 months this past week and all that time has been spent here in St. John's! I am excited to see more of the mission but sad to have to say so many goodbyes at the same time! I know that I am going where Heavenly Father needs me, so all is well (:
This week has been crazy! We had a lot of branch activities this week! We had a sports night with the young men and young women Wednesday, and then we had the branch babysitting night Friday, then a chili cook-off and Trunk-r-Treat Saturday! Which I got to dress up for!!  Ahhh yes!! It was awesome!! I was Cruella Deville! Which was my cheapest costume to date! Angela our investigator gave us a ton of coats last week and one of them was just perfect for Cruella! The rest was stuff I had! So all I had to buy was the hair spray(: Gooood times!! My cute Sister Lofgran was my dalmation! Sooo Fun!
This week you are going to get so many pictures!
Last P-day after e-mailing we went up to Bay Roberts and spent the day with the Elders there and the Senior Couple, The Domans! Who are like my favorite people ever!!
We met with a lot of Less actives this week, which I always love!
Have a good week! I love love love you!
Pretty please pray that I can get my bags to the necessary weights before I fly out tomorrow(; Hahahah I wish I was kidding... (:
Love you!!
-Sista Hird

A sweet woman in their ward took them to Costco!!  

Sister Lofgren (Dalmatian) and Sister Hird (Cruella)

Sister Hird and Sister Lofgren

This seem creepy for a missionary :) 

Sister Cruella

Signal Hill 

Signal Hill

Signal Hill 

Sister Hird and Sister Bair

Hiking at Bay Roberts

Sister Hird and Sister Lofgren

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