Monday, October 24, 2016

October 17, 2016 P-Day #25

Another week has come and gone already??? Man that happens fast!! I hit my 6 month mark this week and I can't believe it!! 1/3 of my mission right there!
This week was great!! First off, Canadian Thanksgving was great!! Sooo yummy! I've never been so full!!
Remember the investigator Angela I told you about last week? And her niece Meg that I asked you to pray for?? WELLLLL our prayers were answered!! She was at our lesson this week and we were able to pick her up as an investigator!!  The lesson went sooo wonderful!! We, with the help of Angela haha taught the whole restoration to Meg! We went over the intro to the Book of Mormon with her too! It was SO GOOD! HOLY!! Meg was holding the BOM and looked at us and said, "I just feel like I need this so bad.  I am searching for something.  I just need something that I can just hold on to" As she clutched the Book of Mormon to her chest! On the inside I was crying happy tears and shouting "YES YES YES", but don't worry on the outside I played it cool(;
We were able to meet with Aelia twice this week! She's great! She just loves the Wickham family so so so much!! It's great!! So we do our lessons with them! I love the way Nathan and Natasha both contribute so much to the lessons! It brings such a power and also shows how much they have grown and continue to grow in the gospel!
Life is oh so good out here on "The Rock" that is Newfoundland! Transfers are next week, which is just maddness to me! I can't believe it! Right now I feeling like I am going to stay here...but who knows?? That would be a really long in one area...but I'd be 100% happy with it! I just love it here!
When I e-mail next Tuesday I'll know if I'm staying or not, so stay tuned folks(;
Well, have a wonderful week!! I love love love you all and hope you are happy happy happy!! Remeber, "Happiness is a state of mind.  It's just according to the way you look at things." -Walt Disney
Be happy always, because it’s a choice my friends(:

-Sister Hird

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  1. Love your comments and experiences. It really lifts me too. Love you!