Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016 P-Day #27 Happy Halloween!!

HOLY!! This week has been complete madness!!!
I am here in Halifax! Lemme give you the lowdown on my new area! So I am over TWO WARDS!! I just came from one tiny tiny branch and now I am over a family ward and a YSA Branch!! So that is super exciting!! The area is absolutely booming!! We are also technically the office sisters as well! But we don't have to do much office work because we have a WONDERFUL service missionary, Sister Street! She is also technically our companion as well! #Quadgoals But she doesn't live with us or live the same way missionaries do, but when we are with her the same rules apply as they do to regular companions! She does lessons with us sometimes and we come in a help with the office work when she has a lot! So we are kept nice and busy! Which I LOVE! It makes me feel so productive and I just work well when I have lots to do(:
My companion is Sister Dutson...I LOVE HER!! I have been hearing about her my whole mission because missionaries are always telling me we are so alike! Which we are! Its going to be a seriously fun transfer! She is from Logan, so our home is pretty similar(: this is actually her last transfer! So I am killing (mish lingo) her off!
We are serving in Halifax! So we are in the city! There is a constant hustle and bustle always! Everything is go go go, which I love!
This week was complete madness! I flew out of St. Johns on Wednesday morning.  Then I landed in Halifax where I was greeted by my adorable mission mother (more mish lingo) Sister Anderson! I got to spend their P-day with them, yes, I got two P-days last week! P-day in Newfoundland is a day before the rest of the mission since we have too fly to our new areas, so I had P-day before I left and then again the day I arrived #blessed
Then I met Sister Dutson Wednesday night and it was instant love! We are seriously going to have too much fun! Then Thursday we got to go to the temple!!! I LOVE the Halifax temple! New favorite temple for sure!! It was so so so wonderful to be able to go there and really remember that that is the end goal for the people we are working with. The temple.  Baptism is a step, a necessary step, but only a step.  The end goal is the temple and going in with that mindset made the session so much more meaningful! Since I am serving in the metro I get the opportunity to go to the temple at least every transfer and possibly more if we have recent converts going (which we do have some lined up)
Then we got our third companion, Sister Champoux! She is from Quebec and will be with us for a week! She is going to the Arizona mission and was waiting for her visa, which came so she will be leaving the 8th of November (:
Then Thursday night we had a lesson with our investigator Helene.  It was the last lesson before baptism!! She was baptized yesterday!! I had only been in the area 4 days and I already got to see a baptism!
Then we spent all day Friday packing because we had to move apartments! Our apartment was meant for 4 sisters, so we had a lot more space than needed.
Then Saturday was spent actually hauling and moving everything and doing all the baptism prep!
The new apartment is SO NICE!! WOW! It is brand new and b-e-a-utiful! Everything is still in boxes basically, but other than that all is well!
Then Sunday we had Stake Conference and the baptism! Helene is a Less Actives 12 year old daughter! I feel so lucky that I was able to be there! It really tugged at my heart strings, because it reminded me so much of Nathan and Natasha's situation. In this moms efforts to come back to church she was also able to bring her sweet daughter into the fold of God. It was a beautiful day!!
Happy happy happy! I am so glad to be here! Saying goodbye to St. Johns wasn't easy, but I know that I am exactly where I need to be! (:
 This is really going to be a wonderful transfer!! I am so excited to be in the metro! I am around so many missionaries!! Plus we are over the YSA Branch!! So we go to two full wards every Sunday! 6 hours of church! Which I am sure sounds like a lot, but as a missionary church is the most relaxing chill thing we do all week(:
Life is goood!! I am happy happy happy! Busy bee up in here!
Love you so so much!! Thank you so much for all the love and prayers!
-Sister Hird

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