Monday, January 2, 2017

January 2, 2017 P-Day #36

Hey hey!! Happy 2017!!
What a wonderful week!!! 

This week was a little rough! Its hard getting into the work after SEEING your family and home! So I was having a bit of a hard time! Then we went on exchanges with the Sackville Sisters and it was really good for me to remember why I'm here and how great this work really is! So we recommitted and worked our butts off this week and God really blessed our efforts for it! We were able to get three new investigators this week!! They are all part-member families! One is in her 40's, she was taught a year ago by the Sisters. She read the WHOLE Book of Mormon while they were teaching her!! She lives with her elderly mom who is less active due to her health. We were able to have lesson with them both and it went really well! We are going back Tuesday to meet with them again! I think they will be such a support to each other! I'm excited to work with them both!

Then we also got two younger girls this week as investigators! They are 12 and 13. The AP's are working with reactivating the parents but the girls wouldn't come out when they were there so they asked us to come in and teach the girls and use our "sisters voodoo" (-elder Trivino) to get the girls interested! Which went really really well!! The girls are WONDERFUL!! I just love them!! I am really excited to work with them! We had our first lesson with them on Saturday and they wanted us to come back tonight to do FHE with their family (:It was really cool, the girls kind of thought Mormons were weird and don't like "real" people stuff. Then during the first few minutes of being there we bonded over Twenty One Pilots (my fav band and the 12 year olds) and Once Upon a Time ( my fav show and the 13 year olds) They were SO excited!! It was really cool! We shared a message on how the gospel blesses families (my favorite thing to testify of) and how God is our loving Heavenly Father (my other favorite thing to tell people) It was just great!! 
I am seriously SO SO happy! 
Post Christmas blues are over and I'm running to 2017 with my arms open wide and a big grin! This is our year everyone! 


-Sista Hird 


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