Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017 P-Day #39

Hey hey!!
What a week!!!
I feel like I just wrote home...oh wait...I did!!!
Transfer weeks are cray cray, but the best!!! Sister Goodsell and I are both staying here in Halifax!! Which I am SO happy about!!! I seriously love Halifax! I thought I would want to travel around a lot, but I love being in areas a long time and really forming relationships with the people and there are just so many amazing people here I am just not ready to say goodbye to them yet!
We got to go to the temple this week!! Ahhhhh I just LOVE the temple!! Best place in the world...because its like you're not even in the world when you're there! Its a quick little visit to heaven (:
Sadly I got a little sick this week so we had to be in a couple of days! Being sick as a missionary is interesting! Its like, "NO I HAVE TO WORK YOU CAN'T CONTAIN ME!!! SATAN MUST BE DEFEATED" But then on the other hand its like, "ahhhh a nap...I forgot those even I love these things! I'll take ten!" haha so thats pretty much been my week in a nutshell
This past week also held a monumental event for me...HUMP DAY!! Woo! Half way gone and I'm feeling strongggggg! 🎶
So so weird knowing 9 months have come and gone and I only have 9 left! I remember at the begging of my mission people were like, "oh it goes so fast you'll hit 9 months before you know it" and I just laughed and called them liars in my head...and now I'm here!!! They were actually telling the truth! At this rate I'll be home before you know it!! CRAZY!!!
My adorable family sent me a "hump day" package full oh wonderful camel things!!
Including this wonderful shirt...that I just had to wear even though it didn't exactly fit mission standards....I always find a way (;
Thanks for all the love and support!! You all are wonderful! Thanks for sticking around these past 9 months (: Its been swell!!!
-Sista Hird


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