Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January 9, 2017 P-Day #37

Hey hey wonderful people!!
This week has been wonderful! We were able to meet with ALL our investigators! Which is a miracle! That never happens haha! We had really good lessons with everyone!! We also got a new investigator, Nancy, this week!
We also got a pet....MOUSE! I know right!? First fleas now a mouse!? And I thought I wouldn't have to deal with these things since I was going to Canada...being wrong stinks sometimes haha!
Sister Goodsell saw it first and this is how the convo went...
Sis G: "Oh good golly is that a mouse?"
Sis G.: "nope that's definitely a mouse"
Me: "I hate it when you lie to me"
Sis. G: "come look"
*dark small thing runs across office floor*
Me: "AHHHHHHHHHHH" *high pitched squealing  while jumping on closest thing to me, which happens to be a wheelie office chair
Me: "Sister Goodsell if you love me you'll get me the phone and my boots, because I seriously can get down barefoot on mouse ground"
Sis. G (being a saint) "okay I'll grab them!"
Me (being dumb) *Tries to put on said boots while standing on the wheelie chair and ends up tipping the chair over with me on it and FACE plants on the ground I didn't want to put my FEET on
Ahhh welcome to the life of Sister Hird....
The good news is I have become very good at laughing through these type of things since they seem to occur so frequently. So we laughed a lot that day and only cried a little when we heard scratching noises all night long
This week church was canceled due to excessive amounts of snow...only in Canada (: We have had to have the Elders come help us dig and push our car out of our parking lot the past three days in a row! Thank goodness for the awesome Elders we have!!
And that pretty much sums up the week hahah!!
Wow I love you guys!!
Have a wonderful week and pray that Lester (we were told if we named the mouse it would be less scary..no such luck) dies (:
-Sista Hird

P.s: I LOVED the letters that were went from the Christmas ward party!!! You guys are my favorite!💕
Elders doing a hot chocolate stand downtown -
Sister Hird, Sister Goodsell, Elder Browning and Elder Phillips (left to right)

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