Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017 P-Day #40

Hey shorties!! 
What a goooood week!!!! This week we met with EVERY investigator we have this week!! I am pretty sure that is the first time that has ever happened on my mission!! 
Cool story of the week: I was asked to talk in sacrament meeting....which I wasn't excited for haha I like to talk...but it’s still stressful every time haha! It was our ward mission leader who had to pick which one of the six missionaries in the ward who was speaking and he said my name just kept coming to his mind. On Saturday I found out why! We had a lesson with the Morphy's (our 12 &13 year old gators) and invited them to church, and used my talk as leverage haha! But still no luck! It was Laurs birthday and she said she wasn't spending it at church...until I told her that if she came I would sneak twenty one pilots song lyrics into my talk! So we agreed that they would come to sacrament, but after that was over they were going home! Saturday night we were texting their mom (she is a less active sister working with the Elders) and seeing if it was looking like they were going to come and she said that Laureli had been trying to convince Isabelle all night, without any luck, that they should go.  Soooo then I promised in addition to the song lyrics I would also get Once Upon a Time (her favorite tv show and funny enough, mine too) in my talk too! But they still hadn't decided! Then, Sunday morning 20 minutes before church we get a text from sister Morphy that says, "they are in the car. I can't believe it." So of course we freaked out a little...okay a lot! AND they were there!!! They heard my talk and my sneaky quotes/lyrics! THEN after that they decided to stay for sunday school!!! THEN they stayed for young women's too!!! It was amazing!!! Total breakthrough with them!! I couldn't be happier! (: 
Life is goood! 
This morning to start off our P-day we got to go and help with the Halifax Temple Cleaning!!! That was sooo cool!! Just getting to explore the temple was AWESOME! Plus I took my family with me.....(: 
-Sista Hird 

I took my family to the temple (:

Halifax Temple

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