Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 1, 2017 P-Day #66

P-day again already?? Have you ever heard the toilet paper roll mission analogy?...Your mission is like a toilet paper roll and the closer you get to the end of your mission, just like the end of the roll the fast it seems to run out! Well folks, I testify...this is TRUE

This week has been a dream!! 
We were able to meet with Heidi, Sarah, Glena (three times) and Patty!
They are all doing sooo soo well! I don't know what we have done to deserve such wonderful humans to teach!! 
Our lesson with Glena was really cool! We did a Q&A about baptism and committed her to a date, September 25th! She is living common law (which has gotta change) and she said she really thinks she can have it all sorted out by then and be baptized! (: She knows that everything is true! We watched the full restoration video with her and she was very emotional about it! 

Watching that was also a very emotional experience for me, I hear so many things from people about Joseph Smith...most commonly that he was just in it for the money or the fame...HELLO!!!! He was persecuted the majority of his life, he endured more hardships in his life (so did all the other saints at that time) than I can even imagine!! 
For fame? He had none. For Money? He had none of that either. Not mention he was killed for this cause.  He was killed so WE could have the blessings of Jesus Christs restored church.  Because of Josephs bravery we are able to perform ordinances that are ESSENTIAL for our salvation. Therefore, we cannot be passive in our faith.  This is the truth!! 
Sometimes I wish we were allowed to soap box so I could scream this to the world haha (:

Also...I ate penguin this week...only in Canada (; (pictured below)

Sister Fin and I are doing very well! I think we'll be together another transfer! I hope so! Her English study is going well!! We are having lots of fun! 
We had a leadership conference in New Brunswick this past week and have a new missionary conference this week! (: And I get to give a training on the retention of new members, I am really excited for it because I am really passionate about it! Why baptized people to let them fall away?? Right!

Welll...I love you all with all my heart!! 
Have a magical week!

-Sister Hird

ps. miracle this week: A member made us full blown cafe rio and I straight cried in the dinner appointment I was so happy....never forget how lucky you are to have heaven so close all my Utah friends (; 

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